Keane – Trump CENTCOM Visit Dramatic Shift In Attitude Towards Troops, Winning

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General Jack Keane discusses the significance and the outcome of President Trump’s visit to CENTCOM and SOCOM at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida, noting that the burden of fighting what he called “the 9/11 wars” of the last fifteen or so years has fallen upon them. He says, “I know that they appreciated very much the Commander-in-Chief coming here after being in office only two weeks.

Keane continues, Trump “has said that he wants a comprehensive strategy from his general officers, he’s going to get it, it’ll come from Central Command and certainly, I know for a fact that they’ve been looking at options for some time,” that they knew they would be asked to present options for change with a new president, regardless of who won. General Keane says, “I think what we’ll see is what the President wants, he’s been very clear, urgency, we want to get this thing done. We’re going to get it done quick, and he’s willing to put the resources on it to get it done.”

General Keane notes the difference that the current outlook under President Trump will be from the almost dismissive condecension of the previous administration, saying, “That will be a change from what we’ve done in the past.” Martha MacCallum expands on that point, how now, under President Trump, “they are feeling as if someone is listening to them and that the mission they have been given long ago that in many ways people believe they have been stymied in. Look at the fact you had three Secretaries of Defense under ‘president’ Obama who left that position and criticized him openly in books that they wrote, saying that he wasn’t listening to the military and he wasn’t doing what needed to be done to defeat ISIS. So this is  whole new ballgame.”

Keane describes how the career force that has been back and forth to Afghanistan and Iraq watched as Obama squandered the victories that they had achieved. He says, We are now in a situation in Afghanistan where the war is not winnable. And these come as the results of policy decisions made by the previous administration and these troops understand that clearly.” Keane has a gift of diplomacy which he utilized in his description of how Obama conducted the unnecessary, unwarranted, reckless and irresponsible surrender of their hard-fought victories and the sacrifices of our military, many of whom were included among the forces President Trump visited today.

He describes the process as it relates to planning for the eradication of ISIS, saying, “They’ll put options on the table to increase the resources that we’re providing to help the Iraqis be successful. That probably will not require a lot of new troops on our part. For the war in Syria, we do not have a ground force that’s capable. So they’re going to have to put options on the table, Arab coalition, regional forces, and possibly US direct combat forces or just increase what we’re doing now. They’ll show him all of those options and then let him see what the risks are associated.”

He adds a comment that is incredibly telling and damning of the Obama regime, saying, “Now, Martha, we have never done this before. Obama has never seen anything like that.” Of course the reason he’s never seen it is because he never asked for it and the reason he never asked for it is because he didn’t intend to defeat ISIS. He intended to utilize them as his private army, in Syria and elsewhere.

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