Kaliphate Keith Ellison Equates Illegals With Holocaust Victims In WWll

kaliphate keith ellison

The degree of Kaliphate Keith Ellison’s inherent ignorance, loathsomeness and dishonesty are his most distinguishing features, as he demonstrates in this clip. How he can even attempt to validate a comparison between Jews in Nazi Germany, Poland and elsewhere across Europe and illegal aliens squatting in our nation today is breathtaking. His lack of respect for what happened to the Jews In WWll and his willingness to cheapen it for political points is utterly despicable.

Let’s not forget that the Jews were residing in their own nations and were being targeted for death. With the DACA squatters, they are the invaders in our nation and are simply being identified, in far too few cases, for repatriation to where they came from, their own homelands.

They are not under any threat of death or physical harm from the American Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, simply a free ride back to where they belong from an unwilling host nation where they are attempting to impose themselves, places where they are not wanted and not welcome.

He unsucessfully attempts to make a non-point that because of various societal connections they come into contact with American citizens they are somehow part of our fabric and should be able to stay. We’d be in contact with the Americans that should hold those jobs if it weren’t for them stealing them. The fact that an immoral person is renting them a house or a room doesn’t in any way impart integrity or a sympathetic position. It’s mindless drivel that has absolutely no relevance.

Kaliphate Keith is getting overly dramatic, but that’s what his papa George Soros is paying him to do.

He conflates DACA with being deeply connected to people who have immigrated to the US, maybe legally or illegally. Which is it, Ellison, legally, in accordance with the law, or illegally, and now attempting to force their way into our nation on the backs of sympathetic ignorance? And how is working with someone or knowing their landlord being “deeply connected?”

If there’s only less than 800,000 DACA enrollees, how did that number grow to “way more than a hundred million connected?”

Based upon his horribly constructed points, Kaliphate Keith concludes, “So this is not someone else’s fight, this is all of our fight.” True enough, Ellison, the fight for America, to defend our nation against citizenship thieves and crooks such as yourself is up to all of us. Left to corrupt representatives such as you, working for George Soros, you’ll destroy this nation. That is your goal.

Ellison says he’s one of those people who believes we should give our “neighbors” sanctuary. Hide them from the government he is sworn to uphold, and assist them in violating federal immigration law that was written by the same body, Congress, where he holds a corrupt office.

He moves on to the grossly offensive and absurd from there. This guy should be under arrest and immediately stripped of his position in the US House of Representatives as a foreign, enemy agent. That’s the opinion of this and many other Gentiles who are more than willing to stand up against this multi-pronged globalist threat.

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