JW’s Fitton – SESSIONS Needs To UN-RECUSE, Lead DOJ, Control ROGUE Mueller

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With many calling for Attorney General Sessions to resign, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton would like to see AG Sessions remain in his post, un-recuse himself and become more aggressive in the pursuit of justice in some key, prominent areas.

Prosecuting cases involving Hillary Clinton and other Democrats is important, the American people want and deserve answers and he believes Sessions has an obligation to provide them to us. He’s asked by Trish Regan, “Why is it that Jeff Sessions isn’t being more aggressive?”

Fitton points to the key impediment to his exercising his duties, saying, “Because he’s recused himself from this key rule of law issue, which is the investigation of what went on during the Obama administration with respect to how it handled the Clinton investigations.”

He continues, “And now this whole Russia collusion scandal which has metastasized under a rogue prosecutor into an investigation into anything this prosecutor wants to investigate. You know, the President has a right to expect that his Attorney General and his appointees are going to supervise prosecutors appropriately and that’s not happening here.”

Fitton notes, “And he’s not really answerable to anyone, Mueller isn’t, which raises not only constitutional concerns but just from a practical perspective, who’s running the show at the Justice Department? This is a major investigation that is being done without any adult supervision, and there are other investigations that many expected to have been done that the Justice Department is AWOL on.”

Regan says, “So Sessions, in your view, I’m guessing you think he needs to go.” Fitton isn’t there yet. He says, “I don’t think he needs to go, I think he needs to step up. I think he needs to un-recuse himself. He can un-recuse himself. I think he was cornered into recusing himself initially and I think he inappropriately recused himself.” Fitton says, “He should fix the situation and start running the Justice Department, and start taking control of these investigations as appropriate.

That would seem to be the best possible resolution to the problem. The Democrats have vilified Sessions despite his “honorable” acts.  As always, Republican accommodations are seen as a sign of weakness. Sessions needs to un-recuse himself and run the Justice Department as he should have from day one. Lynch never recused herself from a real conflict. It’s insane that Sessions has in this fabricated one.

Save your job, your career and the Presidency, Mr. Attorney General. Do as Fitton says.


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12 Comments on JW’s Fitton – SESSIONS Needs To UN-RECUSE, Lead DOJ, Control ROGUE Mueller

  1. David L Lamon // July 27, 2017 at 2:17 am // Reply

    We don’t pay people to sit on their thumb but to do a job. Sessions set the president up for failure is what it amounts to and I don’t blame Trump I would give him a choice either unrecuse himself or get fired.

  2. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch is Right On regarding Sessions’ position as AG. Sessions needs to STEP UP and do the job he was hired to do. His job is to protect the country and to protect the President of the U.S.A. The will to do so, I believe, is there. The backbone may be a little weak, but I hope not. Come on, Sessions, un-recuse yourself!! Start getting the Office of President back in power.

  3. I believe Fitton is correcton this and we need aggressive action on all law breakers. If Sessions should step down I would like to see Fitton or Sekelow be the AG. Of course, with the GOP neither one would get past the corrupticians.

  4. Is it legally possible for Sessions to un-recuse himself. If he can then why do you think he hasn’t. I appreciate the Judical Watch and watch you on FOX!

  5. Freddie Arthur Hisle // July 26, 2017 at 2:13 pm // Reply

    Not only un-recuse himself, fire his #2, then fire the mule (mueller) headed pompous asshole.

    • Kelleigh Nelson // July 26, 2017 at 7:55 pm // Reply

      Exactly what I said, and he better get busy and do it or this president, who has gone crazy over this will end up destroying him.

  6. True Mr Fitton, but When recommendation have to be made to the AG on his job qualifications & what should be expected, this is the problem. I feel time to replace him! Such a Key Position and one of the most important. One need not ask themselves, is Sessions weak? Actions prove it and so did you. I say, He Certainly is not in learning academy being taught the a b c’s! He is A WALL, on law & order, bringing Justice to the American People. He has done Nothing to Drain the Swamp, this Speaks volume’s. People also must forget, how Sessions also made the Comment, he would recuse himself over HRC Anything emails! I believe Sessions is a no backbone Political hack who has let our President out to hang! Call it for what it is, he can Fire Rosenstein & Mueller, or at least shut this investigation down now (without having to un-recuse) but chooses not to! You confirmed my opinion Mr. Fitton with a Certainty by affirming Sessions is weak! Our Country is at War! We want action, loyalty, Law, Order & Justice Nothing less!


  8. Kelleigh Nelson // July 26, 2017 at 11:44 am // Reply

    Fine minds think alike. I just sent an article in on Fitton saying this, along with Ann Coulter saying the same thing back in June before Sessions’ testimony.

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