JW Fitton – Clinton Laughing At US, New Emails Show Pay To Play, Espionage

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Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch joined Tucker Carlson for an update on their continuing efforts to bring Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin to justice.  

Carlson introduces Fitton, revealing that they’ve just released a new trove of previously unreleased Hillary Clinton emails from her tenure as Secretary of State. Those emails show Huma Abedin sending top secret classified information over unsecured networks and also show Clinton Foundation donors getting special treatment from the US State Department.”

Carlson asks, “First of all where’d these come from, these emails?” Fitton replies that they came from the State Department. Huma Abedin had an email account of Hillary Clinton’s illicit email server, so she was doing all sorts of government business on this separate email account, was a State Department email account.”

Fitton says, “So she’s getting emails from the Clinton Foundation, she’s getting emails from State Department employees, and she’s sending and receiving emails to Hillary Clinton, she was one of her closest aides.” He notes that they had to file a FOIA lawsuit and they’ve been getting these records on a regular basis. They show, “Abedin and Mrs. Clinton are regularly getting classified information on this system.”

He reminds Carlson, “Again, a lot of these are new Clinton emails we’re discovering on Abedin’s account. Now remember, Mrs. Clinton said she turned them all over. And thus far we’ve found over 500 Hillary Clinton emails that haven’t previously been released, meaning maybe she wasn’t telling the truth when she said she turned them over.”

Carlson asks if it’s legal to transmit classified information over an unsecured network. Fitton informs him that, “No, despite what the former FBI Director said, it’s not legal and they were mishandling classified information. And I tell you that if you are operating a system that is regularly receiving and sending classified information in an unsecure way, you are subject to prosecution. And you would have been, if you weren’t Hillary Clinton or her aide, Huma Abedin.”

“Yeah, because the idea is,” observes Carlson, “Hillary lost, Huma Abedin’s personal life fell apart, her husband’s a flake, therefore they’re basically pardoned for any crimes they may have committed. Is that a legal concept or is that just something the press invented?”

Fitton says, “No, that’s protects Clintons, losing an election ought not to be a get out of jail free card. And there are other emails showing that Clinton Foundation donors were going through the Clinton Foundation to try to get ambassadors nominated. And again, Mrs. Clinton promised this wouldn’t happen, and the Clinton Foundation and the State Department, it’s overwhelming the number of email messages showing that donors were being taken care of through the Foundation by communicating with Huma Abedin on the secret email account.”

Carlson clarifies that “That is, of course, why they were giving to the foundation in the first place.” Fitton says, “One would think and one would think federal prosecutors would be interested in this and this is why emails like this ought to revive a Clinton criminal investigation, both on the handling of classified information, pay to play, and any other violations of the law.”

“Well presumably,” says Carlson, “if you have possession of these emails, any interested prosecutor could have received them also.” Fitton says, “Yeah, I’m hoping someone is awake at the Justice Department and isn’t going to be cowed by, as you point out, the establishment approach that let bygones be bygones.”

“These are ongoing issues,” says Fitton, “and we’re going to be getting thousands and of more documents, I predict. We are still waiting for the emails found on the Weiner laptop that Huma Abedin had. The State Department just got them and they’re going to start going through them soon.”

Asked if we’re sure that there is no current ongoing investigation into the criminal Democrats, Fitton says, “We’re not sure. We know the investigation into the mishandling of classified information was closed. It ought to be reopened because Comey got the law wrong and secondly we know the investigation was corrupted.”


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2 Comments on JW Fitton – Clinton Laughing At US, New Emails Show Pay To Play, Espionage

  1. “The State Department just got them [the emails] and they’re going to start going through them soon.” The State Department being one of the most longtime corrupt agencies in America, I hope there are copies of the originals kept in a safe place should the DoS “lose” them.

    • where did the corrupt state dept get the emails from? the corrupt FBI? It’s show time again. it’s going to take forever and increasingly it seems like the DOJ is going to do no more than they are forced, so not much will happen. It’s not looking good.

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