Just Lucky? Jarrett Daughter Given Reporter Job With “Unbiased” CNN

valerie laura jarrett


Unless some major changes were to take place there was never any risk of mistaking CNN’s coverage of the Trump administration as being fair and objective. News of at least one of their recent hires makes it clear no changes of that nature are on the horizon.

Valerie Jarrett’s daughter, Laura Jarrett, despite having no experience, a pre-requisite for similar positions even at local affiliate stations, was hired at the network. She’s going to be their “justice reporter,” focusing on the Trump DOJ. That’s likely to be a hotbed of activity with such issues as illegal immigration and the crimes of the previous regime likely to take prominent positions in the allocation of resources. She can expect to be busy and with CNN that will include plenty of “creative writing.”

The position was given to her back in September of last year but announced yesterday and picked up by the Daily Caller. Since the Trump administration has labeled CNN as purveyors of fake news and CNN has done similar, extensive damage to their credibility through their obvious anti-Trump bias and agenda, is it likely that the young, surprisingly attractive spawn of Valerie Jarrett would in any way be motivated to stand against the pressure to vilify their actions?

Since the position was clearly a favor to the outgoing administration, senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and Hussein Obama, we can safely assume they are expecting the reporting to be supportive of her momma and her momma’s enabler.

Jarrett has all the earmarks of a social justice, died in the wool agitator, sharing indoctrination at Harvard Law School with the outgoing radical occupying our White House. She published articles at the Harvard Journal of Law and Gender on such topics as the intersection of gender, violence, and the law.

There’s nothing like a family tradition of radicalism to taint what should be objective and fact-based reporting. She’s published reports already in her time at the network, with titles such as Trump Lawsuits to Watch in 2017, Treatment of Black Lawmakers Becomes Flashpoint of Sessions Hearing, and Ethics Paperwork Still Missing for Trump’s Billionaire Cabinet Picks.

Don’t even think about it, CNN’s still a Democrat and establishment shill operation, regardless of who is in the White House.

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