Fitton – Judicial Watch Frustrated By SESSIONS DOJ, FBI Engaging In COVER UP

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton is frustrated that the DOJ and FBI cover up continues under Trump AG Sessions.They withhold documents and fight in court against open

tom fitton doj fbi corruption

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton gives America an update on the difficulties they are having in getting to the truth in matters of FBI and DOJ corruption under the Obama regime that now extends to include the current obstructionist Justice Department under Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Fitton says, “We want information on that dossier that was used by the FBI and Justice Department under ‘president’ Obama and funded with, perhaps taxpayer money and certainly Hillary Clinton’s campaign cash.”

He asks, “Why was that document used to target the Trump team with spying? We also want information on that FBI special agent who was sending out anti-Trump and pro-Hillary text messages. he was involved in both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the Trump Russia collusion investigation.”

Fitton declares, “There’s a cover up on both issues. We’re getting the run-around from this Justice Department and this FBI in our Freedom of Information Act lawsuits. The cover up and secrecy must end. We want the documents now.”

Are you listening, Attorney General Sessions and Director Wray? Have you got your fingers stuck in your ears? The American people know you’re covering up for criminal activity in your agencies under the Obama regime by Clinton, Obama and the entire leadership team.

What’s are Sessions and Wray getting out of this or is it just dirty cops taking care of their fellow “good old boys” cronies? The nation and the American people should come before abusing your offices to protect friends or like-minded partisans engaged in an attack on our nation. Your jobs are to act on behalf of Americans, not the crooks you’ve been associated with to the point that you have also strayed onto the dark side.

Provide the documents and cooperate – Both FBI Director Wray and AG Sessions were revealed in recent Congressional testimony to be covering up and obfuscating for their dirty cop subordinates and the corrupt globalist hierarchy.

It’s time to clean house – drain the swamp means the corrupt leadership as well as the holdovers. Get busy, Mr. President. You’re creating your own nightmare by refusing to act.

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