Judicial Watch Discovers Million More Voters Than Citizens – Just In LA

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President Trump has taken the predictable abuse from the left over his attempts to document and put an end their institutional voter fraud. The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, headed up by Vice President Pence and Kris Kobach has been leading that effort.

They’ve faced legal challenges from Democrats who like having more voters and their fraudulent votes regardless of where they come from. Non-citizens, to hear them tell it, are the equal of citizens although they strongly dispel the need for a review, objecting on the usual grounds of racism. Democrats are shamelessly stealing our votes by canceling them out and demeaning American citizens for challenging them on it.

Of course the so-called American mainstream media, which is actually anti-American, won’t report on the situation. Russia Today did, though, reporting on the work of Judicial Watch, which found eleven counties in California that had significantly more registered voters than citizens. Los Angeles County alone showed a million more registered voters than citizens. Hillary Clinton claims she won by three million in the popular vote – now that figure’s down to two million, and counting.

In the report, they play a clip of Jake Tapper in which he leads off his “unbiased professional journalism” with a statement that, “The fiction that millions of illegal votes were cast in the 2016 election, it is empirically a stunning allegation for which the White House is providing no evidence.”

They’re gathering that evidence for you now, Jake. Nobody would want you to have to leave the comfort of your studio and actually do some investigative journalism or anything like that. Despite the best efforts to obstruct the administration being put up by the corrupt Democrats, and the media, Judicial Watch once again came through.  It was a simple matter for them to do some math and calculate a major divergence.

Upon learning of the discrepancies, Tom Fitton, the President of Judicial Watch, wrote to the State of California, warning them that, “It is urgent that California take reasonable steps to clean up its rolls. We will sue if state officials fail to act.

Caleb Maupin of RT points to the greatest California discrepancy in Los Angeles County, where 44 percent more “citizens” are registered to vote than live in the county.  Their report highlighted 12 states in all in which significant discrepancies have been documented.

One point he can’t resist making is that there is a threat to our electoral system and it has nothing to do with Russia, Russia, Russia. It’s from the crooks pushing the Russia narrative, the Democrats. 


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5 Comments on Judicial Watch Discovers Million More Voters Than Citizens – Just In LA

  1. The problem both the Commission and Judicial Watch will face is determining which of the registered voters actually voted and who they voted for. The registration info is good, but not sufficient to prove the fraud. And, with the resistance to cooperation they’ve been getting from the suspect counties, it’s gonna be an uphill climb.

  2. HELL commie Gov. Brown nose Brown and the rest of his kind are leading the pack of rapers and takers and ILLEGALS in sanctuary cities in good ol commie controlled California !! HELL were drowning among ALL the illegals and now that they have drivers license THANKS to ALL the corrupt career criminal politicians here in California they VOTE !! NOT only have the ILLEGALS broken the laws of this land knowingly and willingly entered illegally ! NOW THEIR CRIMINALS !! hell gov. Brown why not enforce Americas laws !! ??? oh ! THAT’S RIGHT you need those illegal VOTES to hold on to that criminal bowing seat !! HELL their reaping rewards on a daily basis !! WE ARE PRAYING FOR EXPOSURES ! ARRESTS !! JUSTICE and SWAMP SWAMP SWAMP !!

  3. Democrats and Illegals are in a rage. Illegal voting has to be stopped at all costs. Our Constitution is being challenged and our voters need to get their rights back from these crooks.

  4. The extra voters in LA are the undocumented illegals that were issued drivers licenses so they could vote for Crooked Hillary. They should be investigating the Clintons for election fraud instead of Russia.

  5. Alton Robinson // August 10, 2017 at 7:53 pm // Reply

    The ones trying to stop this investigation are the ones who have something to hide.
    The people who think the federal government does not have all the info used to register in a state to vote, are just not too bright. The only thing they don’t have and need to verify there is no fraud is how and when and where you signed to get a ballot to vote. By having this info they can check other precincts to see if anyone else used the same name to vote.
    Of course, the ole democrat vote is to vote early and often and this could stop them from doing this. And also the dead should lose their right to vote when they are buried, I know a lot of liberals think they should continue to vote. The same for illegals, they should not be able to vote, I again realize that liberals think if they live here they should be able to cast a vote.

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