Judicial Watch Loses – Swamp Court Sides With Sessions DOJ To Bury Clinton Indictments

Hillary Clinton is as untouchable as any snake who ever slithered across this earth. The protection by the deep state courts continues. Judicial Watch sued for Clinton indictments

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Once again the swamp creatures of the judiciary slithered to the rescue of their slimy, sleazy comrade Hillary Clinton, ruling against the American people and in favor of keeping the Clinton crimes as secret as they can.

The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled on Friday, siding with the Jeff Sessions DOJ which argued on Clinton’s behalf, against ordering the release of draft indictments prepared against her during the mid-1990s Whitewater scandal.

Judicial Watch had filed a Freedom of Information Act Request with the National Archives and Records Administration in 2015 for the two draft indictments. They were the product of an independent Counsel investigation into suspected fraudulent Clinton real estate dealings.

There were issues that are similar to the Clinton Foundation activities of today, including murky, questionable contributions to Whitewater Development Corporation.

A three-creature panel naturally ruled that Judicial Watch failed to show “exception interests” that would warrant disclosure of the documents. Judicial Watch believes the documents contain information regarding fraud committed by the Clintons. The judges apparently do as well, so they ruled they need to be kept out of public view.

For their part in this episode of the Clinton corruption cover up saga, the National Archives had originally denied a Judicial Watch FOIA request for the indictments, saying the Clinton’s privacy interests outweigh the public right to know.

Judicial Watch disagreed, noting that Clinton is a public person, having held positions as first “lady,” US Senator and Secretary of State and that her continuing status as a prominent public figure impart a right to know about potential criminality to the public.

Writing on behalf of the three-creature panel, Judge Judith Rogers upheld the decision of a lower court to protect Clinton from the exposure of these particular alleged crimes covered in these indictments, ruling they would not be made public. 

She wrote, “As indicated during oral argument, it is difficult to imagine circumstances where a draft indictment could ever be disclosed without seriously infringing an individual’s privacy interest.”

She continued, “Having never been formally ‘accused of criminal conduct’ by the Independent Counsel, Mrs. Clinton, no less than an individual who has been charged but not convicted, is ‘entitled to move on with her life without having the public reminded of her alleged but never proven transgressions.’”

It’s criminal conduct suspected, alleged, and now, as is always seemingly the case, never to be known, and therefore never to be proven. Once again Clinton is saved by our corrupted judiciary and criminal government agencies and her anti-American supporters on the Swamp Court of Appeals. 


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