Leftist Clinton Judge Usurps President Trump – Suspends Transgender Military Ban

The transgender ban on military service has been put on hold by a Clinton appointed judge, one of many shadow government operatives positioned by the left to destroy…

female shower transgender gender confused

Obama has laid the seeds of kritocracy in America, the rule by judges, similar to what existed during his reign in his Islamic client state and human importation bank, Somalia. The deep state cells he and his ilk have planted are now continuing their destruction of America by thwarting the ability of our President to govern.

Those “so-called” judges, as with Derrick Watson and others earlier this year, are overstepping their authority in direct challenge to the powers of the non-aligned President of the United States in every case in which they disagree politically or ideologically. There is no recognition of or submission to the power of the office of the President.

Instead they make their determinations based upon their liberal opinions being the supreme law of the land and impose the perversion of the few upon the many, forcing open our collective wallets in the process. Under the continuing Obama-Clinton kritocracy, the President is not the chief executive, but merely a figurehead subject to the dictates of the judiciary.

U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, a Bill Clinton appointee, has temporarily blocked implementation of the military’s ban on the gender-confused mentally ill serving in the capacity of normal personnel and ordered the Obama policies to remain in effect.

In her Monday ruling, Kollar-Kotelly, who never served  in the military and grew up in Mexico, Venezuela and Ecuador, wrote, “There is absolutely no support for the claim that the ongoing service of transgender people would have any negative effect on the military at all.” She added, “In fact, there is considerable evidence that it is the discharge and banning of such individuals that would have such effects.”

Really judge? It’s a common leftist tactic to state vague generalities as fact, as you did here, why not offer a specific or two? How does not having men in dresses and women’s toilets negatively impact the military? Share from your wealth of “considerable” evidence, if you don’t mind.

The Trump administration had argued that troop readiness and morale were negatively impacted by the distractions and mandated one-sided accommodations and acceptance of naked men in close proximity to the women and the reverse. They also cited the huge medical expenses associated with the gender pretenders.

The lawsuit was brought by the National Center for Lesbian Rights, claiming the plan violates the Equal Protection clause of the Constitution. If they’re really “transgenders,” how can a lesbian group bring the suit as a member of the affected class? If they’re plumbed like a girl and truly believe they’re a man as they claim, to be represented as lesbians undermines their scant credibility.

The dog catcher reject federal judge, Kollar-Kotelly, adopted the familiar leftist Obama justification for whatever they want to impose on Americans as not needing rational real world justification, it’s just “the right thing to do.”

She declared, “As a class, transgender individuals have suffered, and continue to suffer, severe persecution and discrimination. Despite this discrimination, the court is aware of no argument or evidence suggesting that being transgender in any way limits one’s ability to contribute to society.”

Suddenly she shifted the argument from serving in the military to contributing to society, far different discussions. Maybe they’re great hair dressers, and can contribute as such, but being screwed up in the head doesn’t give them a right to shower next to my daughter. And if she’s talking about “transgender” as a class, why is it in a suit brought by a different class, the lesbian group? Shouldn’t it be thrown out for lack of standing?

Then again, reason and consistency aren’t required in this Obama-Clinton kritocracy; just the dictates of the out of control leftist judiciary.


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7 Comments on Leftist Clinton Judge Usurps President Trump – Suspends Transgender Military Ban

  1. Freddie Arthur Hisle // October 31, 2017 at 10:28 am // Reply

    The President can fire all federally appointed judges, which he should do the day he was sworn in as President, then appoint his own.

  2. You guys are all right. Too bad the President hasn’t gotten pissed off yet. I pity these people when he does. He needs to start his own investigation and hall in the who dirty Soros and Obama gang. We all know who they are and what they are doing. Why doesn’t the President see that. The Dems keep proving him right though. Nest will be the birther scandal. The President was right about that too. Why didn’t anybody notice the birth certificate that Obama released had his grown up name on it, Barak Hussein Obama when his name was Bary Soetoro He changed his name when he became a Muslim, which is another thing he swore he wasn’t. Now he has added communist to his title, and he is shacking up with his girlfriend, Jarrett, who is also a Muslim and communist. Both Obama and the back stabbing McCain are going all over the world bad mouthing the President. Now they’re saying that Michelle (Michael)is prettier than Melania. Is that a sick joke or what. I hope the President wakes up BEFORE it’s too late. He should be able to do what he wants with immigration, closing the borders and the transgender soldiers. We just paid for an abortion for an illegal and a gall bladder operation for another illegal. They won’t pay for our surgeries. Hadenoughalready (I love it).Us deplorables are going to start taking things into our own hands. We should send all of the swamp critters to CA, release it from the US, and let them sink into the Ocean. The President needs to get rid of all of the people in offices that were there when Obama was in office. They are still happily leaking away.

  3. Call me crazy, but how does a civilian get to decide military issues? Trump ended the policy, and as far as I know “mad dog” had not implemented it due to it being evaluated.

    Maybe if it was a military edict it could not be challenged? I see too many “here is what we are doing”, and then, something entirely different happens. Like 0care. Also we hear no fight from the WH, it just gets ignored. Sessions keeps going like deaf mute.

  4. I guess at my age I’m a little too old fashioned, but IMO, every time we have a hyphenated last name, it is usually a mind challenged lib.

    To me it also looks like they have no standing. I remember Clinton threw out 100s of judiciary and replaces them with his pets. Why hasn’t this administration gotten rid of these hacks who most likely are not even qualified.


  6. The judge is just one more member of the DC swamp, needing to be flushed-out. Obviously oblivious to the fact that transgenders enlist in order to get their sex change surgery and care done at taxpayer expense. The appeals court should reverse her decision. But, they prolly won’t.

  7. Hadenoughalready // October 31, 2017 at 6:14 am // Reply

    I pray the Almighty gives Trump patience as I’ve about run out.

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