So-Called Judge Reveals Liberal Bias Against Trump, Protecting America

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Strictly based upon the question the judge asks in the opening of the video, things aren’t looking so good for President Trump’s anti-terrorist entry executive order and the Americans he had hoped to protect with it.

A scruffy, libtard judge from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals misses the point completely. He asked the acting Solicitor General, Jeffrey Wall, “Has the President ever disavowed his campaign statements? Has he ever stood up and said, ‘I said before I wanted to ban all members of the Islamic faith from entering the United States of America. I was wrong; I consulted with lawyers. I am now addressing simply to security needs.’ Has he ever said anything approaching that?”

In asking that question, Judge Scruffy exposes one of the major flaws in their supposed rationale for blocking the implementation of President Trump’s executive order. They do not base their decision on the threat, the Constitutional separation of powers, the constitutional responsibilities within the powers of the Presidency as the Commander-in-Chief, the precedent set by other presidents in similar actions which went unchallenged, or what is best for the nation and the American people.

Judge Scruffy, like his comrades, chose to focus on the campaign rhetoric from a time when President Trump was a candidate for the office of President and assign to what he chooses to see an inappropriate action, the executive order, the motivation of religious discrimination. He has to take that position. It’s the only shred of an argument the left has as a basis to continue to impose the globalist open borders invasion upon the American people and a President who is determined to put a stop to the madness.

Scruffy and his fellow libtards on the 9th Circuit appear destined to choose to ignore what is clearly stated in the order, the legitimate actions of the American President to act on behalf of the American people in their best interest. In today’s globalist subservient United States, which is racing down the path to subordination to the United Nations, the concepts of America first, cultural integrity and security against all threats, foreign and domestic, are secondary to being nice, accommodating and neighborly, even if doing so results in the destruction of this nation. That, after all, is their objective.

Wall argued that the actions of the President fall squarely within his constitutional and statutory authority and that what makes the United States a beacon to the world is the rule of law. We’ll soon find out what kind of priority the 9th Circuit places on the law as it stands against open borders and their religion of “diversity.”

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4 Comments on So-Called Judge Reveals Liberal Bias Against Trump, Protecting America

  1. Article III judges are all those described by Article III of the U.S. Constitution. They include all U.S. Supreme Court justices, Appeals Court justices, international trade judges and district court justices. Article III judges can only be removed through impeachment by the United States Congress.

    When these judges flagrantly disregard laws and make decisions based on personal opinion, they should be impeached. Our congress needs to get off its fat political asses and start doing the job they are paid to do. People are becoming tired of their political malfeasance.

  2. Freddie Arthur Hisle // May 16, 2017 at 1:24 pm // Reply

    Our President needs to ignore the unlawful orders of alleged liberal judges. Arrest the assholes, and implement your orders.

  3. Our country may not survive the idiocy of the anti-trumpers. I read that all the heavy metals being dropped over our heads AKA as chemtrails, and in our vaccines and food are turning us into stupid dolts. I believe it more every day.

  4. Thomas Oakley // May 16, 2017 at 7:32 am // Reply

    Is congress the only ones that can remove these so called judges or can the supreme court do it? I sure would say that not following the Constitution would be cause for removal. It gives Trump full powers to do what he is doing…….they have no jurisdiction in this as far as I can see. Now can not this case go to the so called supreme count with out all the crap, courts. A case like this should be first in line over such things as taking the time to decide if a fed prison can have a sex change. The 9th has a 80 percent overturn rate, do you not think that is reason enough to remove and replace? I sure do.

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