Judge Napolitano Not Buying Pence’s CIA Denials That They Are Spying On Americans

judge napolitano cia spying


Sometimes Vice President Mike Pence, for all of the accolades that are bestowed on him by conservatives and conservative groups, seems to drift back towards the establishment lite politician that is similar to so many of the also-rans from the last cycle and before, cut from a standard globalist cookie cutter. His comments about Julian Assange are an example of that.

Sure, a certain amount of tough talk is needed as political cover, and it may be relevant that it is him saying it and not the President. And they do need to be consistent with the respect for law and order theme of the administration, but whistleblowers are different from criminals and much of what Mr. Assange has done serves Americans and people the world over  in that capacity. He exposed the criminals within our government, that should not be a crime. It’s contradictory to oppose the CIA wiretapping of the President and at the same time condemn the person who alerted us to countless instances of that identical thing happening to all of us. That just doesn’t add up. Was there some deceptive editing at that one break in Pence’s statement? Could the after break portion have been talking about going after the CIA or whoever hacked the president but Fox gave the appearance that he was still addressing WikiLeaks?

Pence is coming on quite strongly in his treatment of someone who has done not just their campaign a great service but the American people as well. Not only does prosecution seem like an overreach to many Americans, many feel he should be pardoned, and given the proper recognition for his service to our nation. What he’s doing hasn’t been easy, but it has been in many regards the right thing. It’s also, to a significant degree, part of the reason he and Mr. Trump were able to win the White House. It’s okay to show a little appreciation, Mr. Vice President.

Julian Assange says, with very strong credibility, that his organization has a lot more information about what has been going on with the CIA cyber weapons program. He’s giving manufacturers access to information about their products that the bad guys already have, blamed in part on the careless, reckless endangerment and associated loss of control over malware and other cyber devices by the CIA. That is yet another public service they are performing, one that the CIA refused to even acknowledge was needed. There’s also the rumors that CIA operatives are working inside many major companies to engineer back door access into their products, both knowingly and without the knowledge of the companies.

Bret Baier asks the Vice President, “Will the Trump administration pursue charges against the WikiLeaks founder.” Pence takes the hard line, for whatever reason and to whatever extent it is sincere, saying, “Trafficking in national security information as is alleged WikiLeaks has done here, is a very serious offense.” He adds, “This President and this administration will take that very seriously and use the full force of the law and the resources of the United States to hold all of those to account that were involved.” He certainly doesn’t seem to be appreciate of Mr. Assange’s contributions.

Baier notes that the FBI is hunting for their mole and that Pence also told him that there is no truth to the statements that the CIA is surveilling US citizens. So much for the old “honest Mike” image, as Judge Napolitano illustrates. Napolitano responds, “I don’t think anybody in the intelligence community takes seriously those denials,” basically saying that Pence is lying. He goes further, saying, “I think the documents that they released, however they got them, so conclusively and unambiguously that the CIA has been plying its tradecraft on Americans, in the United States, even intimately in our homes.”

Napolitano says, ‘We are one step away from totalitarianism when I’m in front of the microwave in my kitchen and they can hear what I’m talking about and when they can use my cell phone as a recording device whether it’s in my pocket or on the front seat of my car. And I am happy that we know about this, because when a violation of constitutional liberties of this magnitude is going on in an organized way by the government, no matter what party controls it, the American people need to know.”

Baier asks, “You don’t buy the denials at all, that it’s not happening, that there’s a firm red line?” Napolitano makes the “nuff said” point, stating, “I don’t buy the denials because my friends, our friends in the intelligence community don’t buy the denials.”

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