Judge Jeanine, Walid Phares – Travel Ban About Terror Threat, Not Religion

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Judge Jeanine opens the segment with a reference to the fact that she had Rudy Giuliani on her program the night before and that he had laid out the methodology for the Middle East travel ban as being one based upon nation of origin, not religion.

She addresses the propaganda being spewed by the fake news mainstream outlets, as did Tony Carbonetti, the former Chief of Staff for Giuliani when he was mayor of New York. They couldn’t have been any clearer, yet still the fake news networks want to fabricate a particularl narrative, so they do.

Dr. Walid Phares joins Judge Jeanine to try to get the cakes of wax out of the collective ears of the mainstream propagandists regarding the nature of the ban. He says, “Indeed it is nothing about religion, I have read nothing in the executive order or any statement, any tweet, that this was about any aspect of religion, not even ideology, I would say.”

Phares says, “What is happening right now is a choice. Either we maintain the policy of the previous administration, the Obama administration with jihadism growing all over the region, specifically in those seven countries and beyond and we’ll have more Orlandos and Californias, or we want to change. This executive order is the beginning of a policy change and it designates a number of countries, not because of their religion. He just spoke with the head of Saudi Arabia, with the President of Egypt, with the head of the UAE. Who are they, are they Catholics? They are Arab Muslim Sunnis.”

“Of course it’s not about religion,” states Phares, “and they have the same view that the international community, including France and Great Britain. The Prime Minister was just here, speaking also with the President of Russia. There is a formation of an international coalition precisely against the jihadists. And those seven countries have, within their own borders, in a geopolitical, very specific way, a threat that is manned by these jihadists.”

She asks for his thinking on the protests and the comments of RINO establishment, “his and his” sock puppets, Lindsey Graham and John McCain. She asks if they’re just former foes that can’t get over their loss, noting that she’s read the executive order and there is nothing in it about religion. Phares says, “I don’t understand the opposition, the opposition is talking about something that has nothing to do with the actual process.”

The opposition is opposed to anything that they can seize upon to in any way damage President Trump, Dr. Phares. It doesn’t have to make sense or be rational. It just has to be exploitable and repeatable for their citizen armies of idiots. No big words, nothing about 5th grade level.

He points out that internationally the world waits for America to lead and that President Trump is building a consensus on the Islamic terrorists. He says “one issue [Trump and world leaders] have agreed on is to identify the jihadists and that is moving forward.

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