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Judge Jeanine is stern and no-nonsense in her open in which she says, “It is time for both the Department of Justice and the State Department to be true to their mission and recognize the significance of the election of 2016.”

She says, “The American people elected Donald Trump to change the way things are done in Washington. To us, truth and justice matte and law and order is mandatory. No more cover ups, no more rigged investigations, no more cutting organized criminal enterprises like the Clinton Foundation any slack.”

Judge Jeanine notes, “This week we learned that James Comey, long before that fateful July 4th weekend when Hillary Clinton was interviewed, actually began drafting a memo exonerating a criminal target of a federal investigation of all criminal liability.”

“And this week,” she says, “we learned that both the Department of Justice and the State Department opposed a Freedom of Information release of FOIAble material on the Clinton email investigation. Both Justice and State fought against allowing the American people [to get] the truth on the Clinton investigation.”

But the outrage doesn’t end there. She says, “And amazingly both Justice and State defended the privacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s records over our right to know. This must stop. The deep state Obama and Clinton holdovers in both the Justice and State Departments must be eliminated. Even a federal judge is fed up with them, ordering them to release information to the American public.”

Judge Jeanine points out that “State Department Secretary Rex Tillerson may know the world, but I’m not so sure he understands government holdovers looking to protect the Clinton dynasty. Jeff Sessions needs to follow his prosecutorial instincts [provided he hasn’t sold or misplaced them] and open a federal criminal investigation into the actions of Hillary Rodham Clinton and impanel a grand jury immediately.”

“This woman should not get a free pass,” says the judge, “because she lost an election. Her reign was one of bold, brazen, in-your-face, pay to play corruption and I’m not even talking about the hypocrisy of this so-called women’s rights activist whose feminism starts and ends with the women who have accused her husband of wrongdoing and the contributions to her foundation from countries that literally hate and kill women.”

She then has a few words for the man she used to admire and felt was a virtuous man of integrity, saying, “And Jim Comey, hmh. He needs to be the target of an active criminal investigation for obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and perjury. His prejudging an investigation before 17 witnesses and the target of the target of that criminal investigation were even interviewed is the essence of public corruption.”

She says, “He lied to the Senate [House] Judiciary Committee when he said he only made the decision to not charge, which, by the way was not his decision to make in the first place, after the investigation was completed. She plays video of Comey lying to Rep John Ratcliff (R-TX) in which he also performs his common “how dare you question my integrity” shtick, telling Ratcliffe, “If colleagues of ours believe I am lying about when I made this decision, please urge them to contact me privately so we can have a conversation about this. ” He’s now more likely than ever to get that conversation, though it probably won’t be private.

Comey continued, saying, “All I can do is tell you again, the decision was made after that, because I didn’t know what was going to happen in that interview. She would maybe lie in that interview in a way we could prove it.” Judge Jeanine doesn’t buy the Comey story, saying, “That’s a bunch of hog wash. Further proof of that corruption is that Hillary Clinton promised Attorney General Loretta Lynch that she could keep her job after that undisclosed meeting on the tarmac between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch.”

An angry Judge Jeanine says, “And Jim Comey, mister holier than thou, who has repeatedly shown himself to be a grandstander, an egomaniac and a political operative, has shown himself to be the essence of the swamp that Americans so want to clean up. It is time to go after Jim Comey.”


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5 Comments on Angry Judge JEANINE – Sessions Must Go After JIM COMEY – The ESSENCE of PUBLIC CORRUPTION

  1. The Judge is so right! I wish there was a way to make her AG instead of Sessions who is a coward. He’s either afraid of NWO or Obama. The old man needs to quit, and we need Judge Jeanine to take his place.

  2. You sob Sessions! If you can’t do this then step down. We don’t need another do nothing DOJ. Get off your a$$ and get this DONE! WE WILL DECIDE WHATS IN THE “PUBLIC INTEREST”. UNLESS YOU START DOING WHATS IMPORTANT WE WILL GET A NEW DOJ. IT NO LIKECWE HAVE MUCH OF ACONE NOW SO GIT OFF YER A$$ AND DO something!

  3. Deplorable Doctor // September 4, 2017 at 11:48 am // Reply

    It is past time for A.G. Sessions to put on some Big-Boy Pants and bring Comey and Hillary before Grand Juries!

  4. A government pay check does not change; go to work or go to work and not work; all pays the same. There is a government job waiting for you, join now.

  5. Judge Jeanine has MORE BALLS THAN SESSIONS.

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