Judge Jeanine – “The Russians Are Coming” Dishonest Hysteria Has To Stop

judge jeanine

Judge Jeanine notes the parallels to the old movie, “The Russians are Coming,” playing a short clip to illustrate the absurdity and duplicity of the Democrats and political establishment, including RINOs. “This hysteria has nothing to do with Russia and everything to do with Donald Trump,” she points out.

She says, “If it doesn’t stop the Democrats, and the Democrats alone, will be responsible for the demise of a workable and effective government of the people.” Please Judge, don’t let McCain, McConnell, Ryan and the other enemy agents off the hook so fast, include establishment Republicans in the blame sharing.

Judge Jeanine plays another clip of a old joke, but it’s not a film, it’s the House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi in more of her customary babbling. Judge Jeanine responds, “A desecration of our democracy – say what? So Donald Trump Jr, a political neophyte, gets an email from a friend saying he has information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia that would be useful to his then-candidate father running for president.”

She continues, “He has the meeting, less than twenty minutes, and the discussion ends up on rescinding Russian adoptions. Nothing beneficial to the campaign comes out.” Pirro goes on to explain, “There is no law that says a campaign cannot accept information from a foreign government. She reminds her viewers that the DNC and Clinton colluded with the Ukrainians to get information on Trump at the same time.”

The Judge also points out that real covert operatives, particularly Russians, would never have meddled in such an amateurish manner. They’d be in and out and we’d never know it happened. She also informs the audience that, “as someone who has run for office five times,” candidates will deal with the devil if that helps them secure a win.

Judge Jeanine gives her views on why Obama was reluctant to jeopardize his “great relationship with Russia” by taking action in response to their supposed hacking. She also raises the meddling of the United States in the elections in other countries, our deposing of governments and Obama’s V15 attempt to oust Netanyahu in Israel.

She says, “So folks, it’s Barack Obama who’s pals with Putin.” Veselnitskaya and Clinton are their friends too. She challenges the cowardly Republicans, who she labels as no better than the Democrats. In many ways, it could be argued that they are worse.

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