Judge Jeanine Rips Libtard Agitators, Lewis, Waters And O’Donnell

judge jeanine libs


Judge Jeanine points out that this inauguration is different, that instead of celebrating “this time-honored, sacred and hallowed tradition” of a peaceful transition from one administration to the next, “we are mired down in the politics of division, fake news and hate-fueled resistance to the 45th president.” Of course it is all the work of Hussein Obama and the Democrat Party. She says “shame on us,” but a more accurate attribution would be “shame on them.”

Judge Jeanine notes that racist Congressman John Lewis, to whom she assigns overly generous civil rights credentials, likely conflated with what now appears to have been years of misjudged, bare, ugly racism on his part, will not be attending the Trump inauguration. Good riddance – he and his fellow anti-American Democrat comrade Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) can rub each other’s head and tell one another how unfair it is that a pro-American patriot won the election.

Judge Jeanine plays a clip of the racist Lewis stating that he doesn’t see Mr. Trump as a legitimate president, following that up by asking, “Not legitimate? She calls out the hypocrisy of both Lewis and his fellow member in the Congressional Black Caucus, the woman rated as the most corrupt representative in politics, Democrat Maxine Waters of California. Pirro asks, “Where’s equal rights and inclusion?”

Of course all of that equality stuff is just a tool they use to further their agenda, they only believe in it when it’s providing them with extra benefits. She has a follow up question, “Where’s doing your job for the people that elected you?” A lot of those people are racists as well, so they see these two as doing their jobs. Their jobs are to represent folks who look and sound like them and get whatever free stuff or extra benefits that they can.

Judge Jeanine draws attention to the idiocy of Rosie O’Donnell, reinforcing once again the excellent perception and ability to judge people that is inherent in our President-elect. She informs O’Donnell of how stupid her martial law tweet was, that if she doesn’t like Mr. Trump to campaign harder next time and informs her and her equally offensive Hollywood friends that they don’t speak for America. She also enlightens her to the fact that most real Americans are sick and tired of her nonsense.

Judge Jeanine has a message for the libtards. “You lost, we won, swallow your pride, get in line, stop thinking you’re so damn important that the world has to stop and listen to your revolutionary nonsense.” Donald J. Trump is the President for the next four years, Rosie, “deal with it.”

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