Judge Jeanine – Press Conference Was Vintage Trump – Must Identify, Prosecute Leakers

judge jeanine

judge jeanine

President Trump’s Thursday press conference in which he annihilated the leftist for their bias, distortion and lies is the background for the first portion of the conversation with Judge Jeanine Pirro. They play a clip which features a few instances of President Trump having a heart to heart talk with members of the media.


Judge Jeanine says, “I think Donald Trump got up yesterday morning and said, ‘I’ve had it, I’ve had it with this fake news hogwash, I’ve had it with my people spending time going out there and trying to rebut what they’re saying. I’m going to go out there myself, I’m going to talk to the people, I’m going to answer every question, I’m done with this. And then we’re going back to work. We’re going back, we’re going to talk to the people. We’re going to North Carolina, we’re going to Orlando, enough of this hogwash.'”

Judge Jeanine agrees with President Trump’s approach, saying, “If he just stood back and took what they’re dishing out to him, for the next four years he’ll be out there trying there trying to rebut or explain or be on the defense.”

She says, “The truth is he’s not that kind of guy. He’s not afraid of anybody. He’ll go into the lions’ den with the lions and come out the winner. He’s done it before. And he’s basically saying to everybody, ‘I’m not afraid of you.'” She notes how he did it with humor and that America loves what he’s doing. She says she believes that America is beginning to understand that the press isn’t really telling us the truth and that if anyone is capable of bringing them down, of forcing them to actually report fairly and factually, it’s Donald Trump.


She also says there’s no question that those responsible for the leaks that are plaguing the administration will be found and prosecuted. She says that she’s been told even before President Trump took office that there are individuals “within the intelligence community, who are so livid about what Donald Trump is saying about them that they will retaliate and what you’ve seen is what they did. They were in a position to do it and they leaked it and by the way, they don’t play around. And what the President has to do is make clear that he doesn’t play around either and prosecute them for the leaks.”

Judge Jeanine adds, “I mean, this is classified information, serious stuff. And if they’re going to play this game and they are, because these are Obama people who were leftovers. And what Donald Trump needs to do is move into the bureaucracies and find out who the leakers are because a lot of these people are very much embedded into the system. He has to find out who they are and that’s not going to be easy.

They also touch on some comments made by Chief of Staff Reince Priebus as well as the little dustup over Ivanka Trump and Nordstrom.


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