Judge Jeanine Predicts Liberals Wusses Will Pee Their Pants Running Under Their Desks

judge jeanine


Judge Jeanine Pirro begins the segment with a video of the disgusting filth and DNC chairman Tom Perez ranting from behind a lectern in what appears to be some official capacity as a rabid dog of the Democrat Party attacking our President.

Judge Jeanine responds to his blathering, saying, “Don’t stand for our values? Pray tell, Perez, what are our values and what is it that you want us to resist? Law and order, the letter of the law, the Constitution, the plenary powers of the President to protect Americans?”

“I have a prediction to make,” Judge Jeanine announces, “While the left acts like children who just can’t get over the fact that Hillary lost the election, and simply won’t stop their abusive invective’s against the man who was constitutionally elected, yes, that’s what I said, constitutionally elected, calling him not legitimate and his cabinet scumbags, that man is doing the job we hired him to do.”

He is building up and modernizing the military as well as strengthening law enforcement. With General John Kelly, he is ridding this country of some of the most dangerous elements who simply don’t belong here and weren’t allowed here in the first place, like MS13. Illegal gang members who swear an oath to kill others, the ones the liberal lefty mayors want to keep here, risking the safety of their own law-abiding American citizens.”

And with General James Mattis, the military is poised to destroy those cockroaches known as ISIS in Iraq and Syria, just as President Trump promised. Imagine a President who not only does what he says but can actually figure out what the end goal is, as opposed to ‘president’ Obama, whose feckless foreign policy was to have no strategy and who graduated to contain ISIS and then decides to degrade and destroy them, all of which, of course, never happened.”

“All the while these namby-pamby wusses obsessing that Russia interfered with our election and our democracy. But these bozos still haven’t figured out what exactly Russia did. But they must have done something, because Queen Hillary should have been coronated. She points out that while the radical leftists are acting like the animals they are President Trump is doing what we hired him to do. “He’s building up the military, he’s dealing with the greatest historical threat that confronts America today, the threat of North Korea, backed by China.”

She makes a prediction about when the Schumer hits the fan, and how the very same leftists who are making such asses of themselves with clockwork regularity will respond. Judge Jeanine says they “Will be the first to pee in their pants and run under their desks and will thank their lucky stars that President Donald J. Trump and his generals have the guts and the instincts to put on their big boy pants every morning and face the reality of the real danger that is confronting America today.”

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