Judge Jeanine – No Better Person Or Leader To Help President Trump Than Kelly

judge jeanine kelly

Judge Jeanine Pirro describes President Trump’s replacing of White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus with DHS Secretary General John Kelly as “putting a general in charge to crack the whip and plug the leaks.” She calls it “the right move at the right time.”

Judge Jeanine says, “As President Trump stops the treasonous leaking and bleeding in the White House, yet another stellar, left-wing progressive California Democrat has flipped her lid. She then posts up a tweet from the anti-American libtard in which she stated, “By putting Gen John Kelly in charge, President Trump is militarizing the White House and putting our executive branch in the hands of an extremist.”

Judge Pirro asks, “Will someone please tell me why it is that ever since Donald Trump became president, you Democrats have lost your minds and are in a constant state of psychotic rage. Militarizing the White House? Are you crazy?

“You guys are the ones who openly contemplated blowing up the White House,” Judge Jeanine points out, “you leftists are the ones destroying property and attempting to burn down buildings to prevent us from exercising our First Amendment free speech rights. So now, elected Congresswoman Lee, appropriately from Berkeley and a card-carrying member of the progressive caucus, has the unmitigated gall to trash the highest ranking American military officer to lose a child in the post 9/11 war on terror.”

Judge Jeanine continues, noting Kelly is “also the recipient of the distinguished service medal, the defense superior service medal, the legion of merit and countless others during his more than forty years in the Marine Corps, where he rose to the rank of a Four Star General. You know, Ms Lee, I bet you didn’t know that General Kelly’s storied career in the military was so respected that he was even appointed by your former leftist, Iran-loving leader, Barack Obama, as the head of the US Southern Command.”

She notes that in the short time he’s been at DHS there is a decrease of 70% in the number of illegals crossing our southern border. Judge Jeanine asks, “So who is this Congresswoman Barbara Lee, a patriotic American, a diligent civil servant working on our behalf?” She knows better. Judge Jeanine says, “Guess again. She was the only member of Congress to vote “no” on the use of military force against terrorists after the September 11th attacks in 2001.”

She’s got a few other choice words for the Looney Tunes Democrat from California, and her opposition to everything American and endorsement and support for communism and anti-American causes and individuals.

Judge Jeanine doesn’t mention that just this July Rep Lee attempted to nullify the existing Authorization for the Use of Military Force under which actions in the Middle East are carried out thorough the stunt of attaching an amendment to a Defense Appropriations bill. Speaker Ryan was forced to strip it from the bill. Rep Lee will do anything she can get away with, in true Marxist form, to weaken our nation, to criticize the leaders who defend it, or on behalf of our enemies.

Judge Jeanine says, “And as we face a nuclear powered North Korea, Iran and others who want to destroy this great nation, there is no better person, no better leader, no one more knowledgeable to help the President run the West Wing of the White House than General John Kelly.”


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