Judge Jeanine, Loesch – NRA, US Gun Owners Not The Villains In Vegas, Dems Lying

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NRA national spokesperson Dana Loesch joined Judge Jeanine Pirro for a conversation about guns in the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre. She challenges those who think that more gun control equals safety to explain how they’re going “to elicit cooperation from criminals.”

Loesch asks how they plan to get criminals to cooperate with the laws that already exist. She points out that “Universal background checks failed in California, further gun control failed in California, multiple times.”

She points out that the gun free zones are where the greatest loss of life occurs, with Chicago being a prime example that is invisible to Democrat eyes.

Judge Jeanine reminds her audience that “We banned semi-automatic weapons for ten years and even the Clinton Justice Department came out and said it had no impact on the number of crimes or the number of murders that occurred. She asks, “What is the ultimate goal of these people when they say we’ve got to have gun control, we’ve got to stop the NRA?”

Loesch takes a moment to remind Hillary Clinton that many of her voters are members of the NRA and that NRA members were in attendance at the concert in Las Vegas. She says, “There are many Democrats who are members of the NRA and Hillary Clinton would do well to watch her words on this. Otherwise she’s going to cause her party to lose more voters to President Trump coming up in the next elections.”

Loesch says she doesn’t know what the objective of the Democrat party is, obviously unaware of their fascist, anti-American, globalist leadership or their communist slave class underpinnings. She points out that those with the worst record for gun violence, such as Chicago, are also at the low end of the spectrum for prosecutions for felony gun crimes.

Judge Jeanine addresses the fact that the Obama regime simply did not prosecute these types of crimes yet they want to, or perhaps because it’s the goal of escalating levels of crime through their non-enforcement, they’re going after average Americans who did nothing wrong.

On the issue of bump stocks, Loesch points out that, though they were twelve on the scene, it hasn’t been confirmed that they were actually used by Paddock. She also reminds Judge Jeanine of the statement made by the American people in electing Donald Trump, that we want national reciprocity and the Hearing Protection Act.

Loesch cautions Americans, asking, “Who has ever followed Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and Chris Murphy and ever  come out on the winning side of anything? Those individuals should not be in charge of determining rights.”

Judge Jeanine points out that “If you do follow them, Dana, I guarantee you there’s someone with them who has a gun.” Loesch encourages Americans to remember in the back and forth over the gun grabbing issue, the number of live saved by private civilian firearm ownership, noting that it’s a far larger number than the criminal misuse or accident totals.

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  1. Only fools would try to take our guns. We will NOT be sitting defenseless when ANTIFA, BLM, ISIS, all MUZZIES and others attack. The NWO is gonna have to settle for what they’ve got, cuz they’re not gonna be allowed here in America!

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