Judge Jeanine – Left, Dems Attacking Free Speech Is Only The Beginning

judge jeanine


Judge Jeanine Pirro offers her insights into the latest hand-wringing by the left over an illegal who was deported. First they view a clip of DHS Secretary Kelly defending the actions of his Customs and Border Protection agents in the case, which has now gone into the realm of the ridiculous in the nature of the claims made by the Mexican who is now where he belongs, in his country.

Kelly says, “You would expect someone that was here under the DACA rules to be extra-specially cautious in terms of getting crosswise with our laws. He didn’t, so he’s gone.” Judge Jeanine explains that DACA is not an absolute protection, that if you violate those rules, you can be deported.” It’s kind of like the deal for violating the immigration laws, that have been nullified. Geraldo apparently was advocating for another chance – a DACA DACA – as in what a nation of saps we’ve become.

She notes the shoplifting and other things related to this case that really aren’t the issue, focusing instead on the allegations made by Mexico’s newest resident citizen that the CBP agents picked him up and threw him over the fence in a catch and release. As a DACA illegal who is still breaking our laws, he should have kept more up to date with the policies of the CBP. They no longer do catch and release, they do catch and process for deportation, as Judge Jeanine points out. He’s clearly lying.

He’s now demanding that DHS provide evidence that he was thrown back into Mexico, which is impossible to provide if it doesn’t exist. She believes that Judge Curiel will behave professionally, although the judicial actions of late have all provided evidence in the other direction.

She points out that he’s only deciding the FOIA issue, not the deportation issue.

They also get into the decision by UC Berkeley to allow Anne Coulter to speak and the way the left is attempting to remove the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of their opponents.  Judge Jeanine says, “All she’s asking is if someone is disruptive to please remove them and let her speak, and they won’t give her that assurance.”

Commie Howard Dean tweeted that hate speech is not protected speech, which is a complete distortion and lie, typical of Democrats. Whether those protections are allowed to exist in reality in the real world situations is another question entirely, as is the case with rampant Facebook censorship of conservative speech and thought, but it is protected, if the right people are doing their jobs.

She says this is just the beginning of the left’s efforts to silence the right, “and they have been silencing the right in so many ways.” Actually Judge, some of those ways you’re referring to is likely the intense censorship of Facebook weasel Mark Zuckerberg, which are at least two years in the making. Let’s call these the next steps instead.

” She warns, “Understand, this is a political agenda to shut down the right. They are now going to say, “If you say things that we don’t like, it’s not protected by the First Amendment.” Actually it’s protected by the Second Amendment, and the time that force us into a situation of that type of clarification seems to be drawing closer by the day.

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2 Comments on Judge Jeanine – Left, Dems Attacking Free Speech Is Only The Beginning

  1. Edie Faylor // April 22, 2017 at 11:48 pm // Reply

    Deport them all! Throw in a few liberal Democrats into the mix just for fun. Then start with the Muslims!
    We have all have had enough!

  2. Freddie Arthur Hisle // April 22, 2017 at 7:50 pm // Reply

    howaad dingdong needs a strait jacket, custom made just for him.

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