Judge Jeanine Hammers Rachel Maddow For Calling Trump “Dark And Militant”

judge jeanine trump


Judge Jeanine’s opening statement begins at the 2:05 point in the video. She says, “Now you know that the only way to make actual change in this country is not only to have the moxie and the guts to do it but also to not care about what the drive-by media and the haters think of it. To make change will take someone who doesn’t obsess, put fingers to the wind, someone who doesn’t give a damn about what the naysayers or the chattering classes say.”

She continues, “He is someone who is focused and understands what it takes to get the job done. And he understands because he’s been up and down and smart enough to get back up again. But there will be bumps in the road. He understands that changing the bureaucracy and the Washington machine is not for the faint of heart. He understands that in order to do what has to be done, he can have no fear.”

Judge Jeanine says, “Because Donald Trump has been fearless in his campaign to become Commander-in-Chief, and because he fought outside all of the political boxes, because he was willing to do into a den of lions, with only one thing in mind, winning and indeed, came out winning, Donald Trump will be the biggest change agent in the history of the United States.”

“His speech yesterday,” Judge Jeanine says, “reflected the man that America elected. It was straightforward, direct, by all accounts Donald J. Trump. But some saw it as dark and militaristic and un-American. Rachel Maddow, for one, said, “The crime, the drugs, the American carnage, the despair, the decay; you can’t imagine the outgoing ‘president’ giving a speech like that.”

She notes, “This president also repeating that our guiding principle in America will be America first. America first.” Although many Americans would have no problem with that guiding principle and think it is what our position should be, Judge Pirro says, “that’s not what he said,” playing the actual audio of the comments.

Judge Jeanine says, “You know, for those of you who are fortunate enough to live in a world that doesn’t involve poverty, the inner-city, crime, drugs or gangs that the President was talking about, you are the elites. You are the ones who are not connected to the reality of the life that so many in this great nation have to live.” Rachel Maddow has riled up the Judge by behaving like the elite that she somehow managed to weasel her way into becoming. With no more to offer than she had to begin with, there’s more to that story and it’s probably better if we don’t know.

She says, “The President is not dark and militant, the President is simply talking about a world that exists for people in this great nation, who never asked to be victims of crime, never asked to be born in the inner city, never asked to be victimized by drugs or gangs and never asked to be trapped in poverty. Thank God there is a man who is strong enough to admit to our faults and our weaknesses and is willing to take them on, shine a light on  them, show them to all of us, so that we, together, can make a difference for all of us. And yes, even the weakest among us.”

And she wasn’t lumping the rest of us with that contemptible class. Just because we don’t live in the inner city and face those problems on a daily basis doesn’t automatically throw us into the “basket of elites.” We’ve all got our variations and sets of problems to deal with. That’s an offensive term and we know she certainly wouldn’t throw it around to rural or suburban Americans indiscriminately. That was intended for the unisex freak on MSNBC, and her comrades, who will stop at nothing to demean our president and obstruct his efforts, and rightly so.

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