Judge Jeanine – GOP Won’t Defend President Trump, Part Of Plot Against Him

judge jeanine

Judge Jeanine believes the biggest danger to our country is one that is not even being talked about. She’s going to talk about it, though. That threat is “a subtle plot by the GOP to help bring down the President of the United States and bring the establishment back into power. The belief, if done quickly enough, they’ll still be in power and there’ll be sufficient time to recover, to promote their favorite son as candidate for president in 2020.”

She adds that “the Democrats, whether you like them or not, are doing their job. They’re fighting, resisting and they’re all on one page.”  She asks who, other than Newt Gingrich, among the Republicans, particularly the GOP establishment, is outraged about what is going on with their president. She notes that the Democrats are in unison as the Republicans simply watch them railroad their president.

She comes to the same conclusion she did over a year ago during the campaign, that the Republican leadership is in bed with the Democrats. It goes beyond that, Judge, they’re different factions of the same party, the globalists. The establishment is phasing out that Republican brand, although some of the more conservative, patriotic members haven’t been advised of it yet for “security reasons.” They can’t have the truth officially leaking out just yet.

Judge Jeanine points out that if President Trump is eliminated, “the succession is clear and things go back to the way they were.” Either Pence or the establishment wonder boy Paul Ryan meets the low standards of independence that the establishment demands of those they allow to be the figurehead president. Neither can hold a candle to President Trump when it comes to putting the American people first and giving us back our nation, but they couldn’t care less. As far as the establishment GOP and Democrats are concerned, our nation is already theirs; we’ve already lost it.

Judge Jeanine calls out the complicit, do nothing, disloyal Republicans for both allowing the baseless targeting of our president and failing to hold the Democrats to account for their crimes. She gives a quick recap of just some of the many, many scandals and crimes of the Clintons and Democrats that should be looked into but inexplicably to this point are not.

There’s an explanation, only one that makes sense. The GOP leadership is owned, through blackmail, corruption or a combination, by the forces of the evil DC establishment and they’ll do exactly as their told. That includes doing nothing, as they attempt to bring down the President that was elected by the same people they supposedly represent.

Judge Jeanine has a message for the quislings in Congress, saying, “You’re in power, dammit. Do something. Pass something. Cut this kumbaya crap, put on your big boy pants and act like you’re in power. Act like you give a damn. And more importantly, convince us that you’re not in on the effort to take down the President of the United States.”

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5 Comments on Judge Jeanine – GOP Won’t Defend President Trump, Part Of Plot Against Him

  1. I would have liked to see “The Judge” as AG or head of the FBI.

  2. It dispicable..!!! The GOP SHOULD BE screaming at the top of there lungs and defending the President… but nope.!! so when they called yesterday for a donation.. you guessed it,,,no more.!!!

  3. If we don’t give President Trump an entirely new Congress in 2018, we’re doomed. And so are those useful idiots who re-elect them.

  4. All in Washington are corrupted. The payoff must be huge. No one will derail their gravy train for the sake of the American people, though this is what they were elected to do.

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