Judge Jeanine – Free Speech Under Attack From Playpen Dwelling Leftist Snowflake Ninjas

judge jeanine


Judge Jeanine Pirro says it – what many of us have been subjected to and have been screaming to the rooftops in an attempt to draw attention to is finally being addressed. Nobody in the administration is on-board yet, publicly recognizing what is going on or been willing to join with the common folks in this fight yet. It was done to President Trump by these same radicals so we know he’s aware of it. Some big names in the patriot journalism and media arena are bringing it to the forefront.

While the assault on Free Speech among the little guys is largely a Facebook or Internet suppression and censorship issue, it’s taking other forms as well, as Judge Jeanine points out in her opening statement. She warns, “America is in trouble. They are trying to silence you. A monstrous and pervasive movement is putting the First Amendment and your free speech, the most basic and fundamental tenets of our nation at risk and in danger of extinction. And whether you are on the left or the right, free speech is essential to our democracy.”

She continues, “The reason the country was founded, the reason people risk so much, even die to come here. Yet, as you sit there, you are watching a silencing in real time. Where people are not allowed to express their opinion if it does not align with the thinking of others. “

She says it’s “happening all over, where we are in danger of becoming a fascist, totalitarian society, where there is only one accepted point of view. No other will be tolerated and it’s time to fight back.

She points to the on-again, off-again invitation for Ann Coulter to speak at UC Berkeley and the anti-right bias that was perpetrated against Milo Yiannopoulos by both the university and the mayor of Berkeley, who is affiliated with the radical leftists behind the riots. Clearly there was a stand down order in place as there was only one arrest in the course of the 12 hour, $100,000 melee that occurred.

She doesn’t buy the weak defense for their inaction offered by the compromised Berkeley Police Dept that they didn’t want to incite more bloodshed. She’s smelled manure before, and bingo, that’s it.  She asks if the officers happened to go to rookie school and why they were incapable of taking down a snowflake in a ninja costume.

She compared the “college wimps” who can’t bear to hear a speaker that doesn’t match their programming “and need a safe space, aka a college playpen, because they are so traumatized by words. She suggests to them, “Instead of having a hissy fit, you ought to go find a bunker to hide in for the next fifty years because you aren’t going to make it in the real world.

She highlights the idiocy of Howard Dean in a tweet in which he said, “Hate Speech is not protected by the First Amendment.” She puts the moron in his place, saying, “Howard, don’t practice law without a license. I’ve got news for you. Hate speech is protected. I don’t like it, but even the United States Supreme Court protects flag burning. I’m sure the punks at Berkeley have done that.”

 She makes a deal for a safe space that they may not want to take her up on but for many, it’s a foregone conclusion, it’s in their future, just a question of when, where, and the color of the uniforms.

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