Judge Jeanine, Ex DOJ Lawyer – Obama Using Police State Tactics In Spying On Trump

judge jeanine adams


Judge Jeanine’s guest is attorney J. Christian Adams, who resigned from the Department of Justice in 2010 after Hussein Obama and Eric Holder turned it into a joke by dropping voter intimidation charges against clearly guilty Black Panthers in Philadelphia.

Judge Jeanine asks Adams about allegations by President Trump that his predecessor had ordered him and members of his staff wiretapped by the agents of the federal government during the campaign.  She starts out with an effort understand some odd comments by Speaker Paul Ryan, which she plays a clip of and which are also here on video.

Aside from Ryan never answering the question that was put to him in what appeared to be an effort to insulate Obama from culpability, he did put on the record a statement that no guilt or complicity had been established on the part of President Trump or any of his campaign members. Judge Jeanine takes both investigative efforts, the report ordered by Hussein Obama that went to Congress in January, which was likely an effort to muddle the evidence that he’d been spying on the President, and the spying on the President as if they are one combined report. That may be the case but if it is it would then also be an admission of having been spying on President Trump, something that they might have preferred to leave out of the report to Congress.

 They then address a statement made by Kevin Lewis, a spokesperson for Obama that she mistakenly identifies as Ben Rhodes, another infamous Obama liar, in which he uses carefully crafted language to provide an impression that is different from what the literal meaning of the words is. The word-parsing Lewis makes the statement that Obama never “ordered” the surveillance of any US citizen, in this case he requested and a judge granted approval, assuming that Obama didn’t then expand on the scope of the surveillance on his own.

Adams says, “There’s a big difference between ordered and knowing everything else about it,” recognizing the limited scope and value of that denial.” He continues, “And you notice Ben Rhodes [Kevin Lewis] doesn’t deny they knew everything else about this warrant tapping into the Trump campaign in the middle of the fall election.”

Adams points out, “If this happened, folks need to understand this is what the tactics of a police state are, to use intelligence gathering services against political opponents. If this happened we’ve crossed a very dangerous line in America, it makes Watergate look like a joke.”

He notes that thanks to these missteps and malfeasance by the Obama regime, we average, everyday Americans are going to learn what the deep state is, with intelligence operations now having become political weapons.

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