Judge Jeanine – Elizabeth Warren’s Latest Hypocrisy – Pays Women Much Less Than Men

judge jeanine


Sense and reality have no place in Senator Elizabeth Warren’s world. The fact that this woman was able to get elected speaks to the mental and moral deficiencies of the people in Massachusetts’ Democrat Party. She embarks on a tirade about Judge Gorsuch that is so ridiculous and convoluted it almost requires explanation because of a complete absence of logic.

Warren states that because there is a courtesy investigation into the hoax of Russia – Trump collusion during the campaign, the cover story for both Clinton reckless inattention to security and her loss, the prospect that Judge Gorsuch might have to rule on an appeal of a conviction to some unnamed, imaginary and completely fabricated charges somehow means he has to be rejected as a Supreme Court nominee.

Fortunately Judge Jeanine Pirro provides a reasoned explanation of the unreasonable. She says, “It rises to the level of outrage because there are no facts to support it. What you’ve got her saying is, she’s predicting with her crystal ball that the President is probably going to be indicted, be convicted, it’s going to go to the Supreme Court, I guess she didn’t have that crystal ball when Hillary Clinton was running.”

Judge Jeanine says, “I think most incredible about this is that she talks about his record and how he’s not in the mainstream and yet she doesn’t identify anything in his record. (Liberals avoid specifics like the plague. That’s why climate change always happens in a land far, far away.)And she talks about women’s rights as it relates to Judge Gorsuch when the truth is that her record as it relates to women is unbelievable. This is a woman who has called it [Equal Pay Day] a day of embarrassment when it comes to women and gender pay equity, when we find out from the Free Beacon that women in her Senate office are paid seventy-one cents per dollar that men are paid in her Senate Office.”

O’Reilly says he thinks she was embarrassed by the revelation but he should know better. Warren is completely incapable of shame. It was politically damaging and she wants to minimize the impact. Political expediency is the only thing at play. She’d make her employees all unpaid interns if anyone would take the job.

Judge Jeanine agrees with O’Reilly’s observation that due to her hypocrisy on the wages of her employees, Warren’s typically aggressive criticism of what others, notably the “women-haters” on the right, was nowhere to be seen. She said, “She didn’t say anything for the first time in years.”

With hypocrite Democrat Elizabeth Warren dispatched to the dung pile she belongs in, Judge Jeanine pitches a new show she’s got coming to the Fox Broadcast network.

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