Judge Jeanine – Criminal Democrats Get Away With Crimes Because We Let Them

judge jeanine clinton

Judge Jeanine Pirro leads off her opening statement by asking, “Why do we let them get away with it? They lie, cheat, violate the rules, then cover up, and they get away with it. We’re no longer a country where the law is equally applied.”

“This nation,” she says, “conceived on the principle of equal rights and equal justice, is no longer true to its declaration of independence.” Noting that the FBI and DOJ colluded to obstruct justice on behalf of Hillary and Bill Clinton, says “We didn’t know how deep and how dirty the collusion really was until 48 hours ago.”

She points to the lie issued deliberately by the FBI in response to a FOIA request by James Sekulow’s Center for American Law and Justice saying that no records “were located.”  It did not state that they didn’t exist, although clearly that was the intended misinterpretation. It merely said that they hadn’t been able to locate any. Loretta Lynch’s DOJ “never even bothered to respond.”

She notes that 413 pages of documented collusion were discovered though a subsequent lawsuit which was decided after the official departure of the criminal Obama regime. Contained in those documents were the discussions, the collusion between the two agencies, on how they would handle the fallout from the discovery by the public that the meeting had taken place.

Judge Jeanine then gets to the heart of the matter, the redaction of the supposedly produced documents which completely obscures the content. They weren’t produced, as had been requested, they were merely hidden to a slightly lesser degree. Their existence, at least as it relates to the 413 documents is now confirmed but no information has yet been provided by either the DOJ or FBI in compliance with the demands.

She says, “But don’t worry. A lawsuit will be filed first thing Monday morning to un-redact what they’ve covered up. This is not information that can be legally withheld from us. It doesn’t involve national security and you can be damn sure it doesn’t involve what Loretta and Bills’ said they talked about – their grandchildren or their golf games.”

Judge Jeanine points to one memo between the DOJ and FBI, one that was not completely redacted, which recognized that they had a complete blackout on the story aside from those meddlers at Fox News.

Judge Jeanine says, “Folks, this was a cover up of an illegal meeting, collusion between Bill Clinton and the Attorney General, after which the FBI interrogated Hillary and then exonerated her.” She then reminds us that in the immediate aftermath, Clinton told America that if she won the election, she’d keep Lynch on as Attorney General.

Judge Jeanine calls for the Hillary Clinton case to be brought to a grand jury immediately and that goes for the criminal Eric Holder and all the rest of them as well. It’s music to our ears as she says, “And I don’t want to hear anymore of this kumbaya. I don’t want to hear anymore ‘We have to look to the future.”

Judge Jeanine says emphatically, “I don’t want to hear Hillary’s a good woman – she’s not. These people live by the Saul Alinsky playbook, and while we play by the rules, they lie, steal, cheat, and continue to get away with it. Because we let them.”

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  1. Judge Jeanine is awesome! And she’s so right!!

  2. the Judge is RIGHT ION.

  3. HowardMacKinnon // August 7, 2017 at 9:26 am // Reply

    Thank you Judge Jeanine. Now be careful & watch your back.

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