Judge Jeanine – Communist Dix Calls For Anti-Trump Chaos In The Streets

judge jeanine dix commie


Judge Jeanine’s guest is Carl Dix, a founding member and representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. He calling for protests, disruptions, chaos of every kind imaginable, but it must be violence-free, just like their thuggery at Trump rallies.

Judge Jeanine says she “was fascinated, like many, with the ad in the New York Times that said something like, ‘No in the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist America.'” They don’t want a competing system to win out when the commies have put so much effort into the overthrow of our government by the people. He calls for stopping “the Trump – Pence regime.”

Judge Jeanine asks Dix how he plans on doing that, given the fact that Mr. Trump was elected by the people fair and square and has been certified by the Electoral College. Dix says, “Look, no election, fair or foul, should legitimize a fascist regime and that is what the Trump – Pence regime is. Donald Trump campaigned as a fascist, he has assembled a team to carry out that fascist agenda.”

Dix says, “We’ve seen this before, the demonization of minorities, the saber rattling. I mean, the man spent the Christmas holidays, a time that’s supposed to be peace on earth and goodwill towards men, tweeting about a new nuclear arms race.” So we get it Carl, because you don’t like the way he spent his Christmas you’re going to overturn the election results and call for mass chaos in the streets. That certainly seems reasonable.

She asks him if he isn’t delegitimizing the election and the Constitution because he doesn’t like the guy? It’s doubtful the Constitution means anything to this commie whether or not he’ll admit it, Judge. Choosing to instead answer a different question, Dix says, “I don’t like the guy but what I don’t like is the agenda that he campaigned on and that’s what millions and millions of people don’t like.” Of all people the communist should understand the theory behind a popular vote, Electoral College or not. He’s just not into honesty much either. Maybe he should officially switch to Democrat.

Dix says the difference in his opinion between Trump and Hitler is that Trump doesn’t have the mustache and has an orange squirrel on his head. The guy gets lost when she attempts to get into specifics, deliberately, talking over her to get his message of hate out into the masses.

Giving this guy way more time than he deserves, Judge Jeanine asks him what people should do once they’re in the streets. They should “do everything to show their refusal to accept this regime.” I’ll be eating a Famous Star and getting it all over me, honoring Trump’s pick for Labor Secretary, Andy Puzder. Then, on the way home, I’ll stop and get some ExxonMobil gasoline, Tillerson style.

As he’s saying non-violence, what they always say as code for as violent as you want or think you can get away with, Judge Jeanine asks if that includes attempting to stop Mr. Trump from getting into the White House. He doesn’t answer, although he does recommend candlelight vigils, saying that business as usual has to be stopped. So is he saying that Obama, his black brother and fellow communist was running a fascist regime for the last eight years? If he’s saying that it’s the first correct thing he’s said during the entire interview. If not, he’s still hitless.

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