Judge Jeanine – Common Ground Behind Trump – Schlapp, Kucinich See Lots Of It

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Judge Jeanine Pirro invited former Congressman, mayor and Democrat candidate for President Dennis Kucinich and Matt Schlapp, President of the American Conservative Union in for a discussion of the left’s opposition and hostility towards the President.

Kucinich starts things off, asked by Judge Jeanine for his opinion on President Trump’s speech. He says, “Well, the things I’ve been talking about for thirty or more years, about doing something about these trade agreements that are causing our cities to be hollowed out and factories to be closed, about standing up for the American worker, about rebuilding the infrastructure, putting millions of people back to work, about stopping the foreign interventions of wasting trillions of dollars abroad.”

Kucinich said, “He covered those points and frankly, I think it’s important for America to read what he said, not just hear it but to read what he said and to consider that there might be some way that we can bring this country together on the kind of principles that he laid out in the inaugural.”

Judge Jeanine asks him if he thought the speech was dark. Kucinich replied, “No, not at all.” She asks if he took offense as some others claim to have taken at America First. He said, “I gave a speech like that in 1984.” Matt Schlapp points out that no one called Kucinich a racist when he gave it. Schlapp asks, “Well what do you want, America fourth or fifth?” No, Matt, but that would still be an improvement over the last place position we were relegated to Obama.

Kucinich takes the conversation back to the substance of his speech, saying, “The point being that the issues that he talked about in his inaugural address were things that relate to people’s aspirations. They want a good education for their kids, they want jobs, they want the good life. And how do you do that? Well, we’ve got to do something about the trade problems, we’ve got to stop wasting our money abroad on all of these adventures.”

Schlapp says he thinks Donald Trump talked to the real voters who are out there and that “when two-thirds of the country think this country is on the wrong track, Judge, it’s okay to understand they’re hurting and they’re having trouble getting by.

They all agreed that the fact that he addressed reality was what the leftists based their characterization of the speech being dark upon. It’s a reality that Obama made much, much worse over the past eight years.

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