Judge Jeanine, Chaffetz – De Blasio Joining G20 Rioters After NYC Cop Killed

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Judge Jeanine frames the interview as dealing with her concerns about the normalization of cop hatred, which naturally, in New York City, is epitomized by communist Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Former Congressman Jason Chaffetz notes that President Trump’s support for law enforcement played a significant role in his becoming President. He addresses Trump’s trip to the G20 and his message of put America first, made in America, American exceptionalism.

He contrasts that with the actions of “Red” Bill de Blasio, saying, “Then you have the mayor of New York City go over there and say that Donald Trump, as the President, doesn’t represent the United States of America. I mean, that is so infuriating and so fundamentally and totally wrong.”

He says, “It is an embarrassment to this country; I can’t believe that the citizens of New York City put up with this guy in doing that. It just undercut the President and it should never have ever happened.” Judge Jeanine quotes a de Blasio press person as saying “‘It is important that American leaders,’ I assume that he’s talking about de Blasio, ‘confront head on, locally and around the world, the damaging rhetoric and policy stances of the trump administration.”

Chaffetz and Judge Jeanine agree that the New York Post got it right in telling de Blasio not to come back from Europe. They note that a police officer was just assassinated, there are 500 new cadets coming into the system and de Blasio is jetting off to Europe to join with the same organizations that foment the killing and attacking of police officers.

Chaffetz says to fight it we have to draw attention to it. He says, “It’s infuriating, it’s absolutely wrong. And you know what, it’s not just a New York City issue. Even us out here in Utah and I’m sure all across the country are absolutely embarrassed by this mayor, taking it onto himself, thinking he represents the United States of America. He does not represent the values of the United States of America.”

Judge Jeanine notes that “not only does he not represent the values of the United States, but he’s working against those values. He doesn’t believe in capitalism, he thinks that he’s this socialist leader. Chaffetz asks who paid for de Blasio’s trip. Judge Jeanine has the numbers, according to de Blasio.

“He’s saying that the organization paid for him to go there, but we taxpayers are paying for his security detail. We sent four there about five days ago and there’s another four traveling with him.” There’s also all of the press people, “all of those guys, we’re paying for.”

They finish off with a comment or two on the stark improvement of having “America first Donald Trump” in the White House on the morale of law enforcement, particularly immigration agencies.


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5 Comments on Judge Jeanine, Chaffetz – De Blasio Joining G20 Rioters After NYC Cop Killed

  1. DeBlabbio is a pompous ass who really must think he is something more than what he is. Steps need to be taken to protect our law enforcement officers from what Hussein the Muslim has bought about against these fine men and women in blue. DeBlabbio is just another globalist seeking to make a name for himself. I have a few stronger names for him but I will not share them in mixed company…

  2. radman414 // July 9, 2017 at 7:50 pm // Reply

    Each day, liberal Democrats give attentive Americans more reasons to support the efforts of Donald Trump; and if that continues, he will slide easily right into being re-elected in 2020. Democrats have absolutely NO message except to “bad-mouth,” resist and obstruct everything that President Trump is trying to do — with disingenuous rhetoric, completely unsubstantiated charges and petty, personal attacks on him and everyone around him. (It’s said that when your enemy is busy shooting himself (or herself) in the foot, please advertise the event…and help them to “reload.”)

    What can you say about DeBlasio’s shameful behavior…other than it is disgraceful to our nation and disrespectful to one of New York’s finest who was gunned down by someone with the same mindset as the protesters he joined in Germany. Going oversees to represent “the resistence” was a really characteristic, but stupid “statement” about the true nature of the Democrat Party today and the extent of what’s been designated as “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

    Republicans should certainly be angry about the constant barrage of attacks on our president, but ecstatic about the “death of a thousand self-inflicted cuts” being committed by their ideological opponents.

  3. Love the judge, never miss her show but hopefully she will never have Tomi on again. She is a huge empty headed turnoff with a big mouth.

    • I agree, avoid tomi lahren like the liberal plague, Alana – she seemed to packaged and phony to me, turns out I was right with the abortion thing and the connection to glenn beck was always a red flag – but david clarke had a show there too so not 100% indicator.

  4. TONYA PARNELL // July 9, 2017 at 5:51 pm // Reply

    Just goes to show you what DeBlasio thinks of law enforcement, That bastard should be forced to resign.

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