Judge Jeanine Blisters Egotistical Activist Judge Usurping President Trump

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Judge Jeanine Pirro directs her open comments at the leftist activist in Seattle impersonating a judge, a clown in a black robe by the name of Robart, Robart the Clown. He’s the commie Ben and Jerry’s bow-tied America-hating subversive who usurped President Trump in his chief duty as the President of the United States, the protection of our nation. The latte sipping Seattleite is taking over, in his mind, abusing his authority in promoting his liberal anti-American dementia.

Judge Jeanine says, “Federal Judge James Robart has put a nationwide halt to President Trump’s temporary 7 nation travel ban. This halt needs to be reversed. It will be reversed and here’s why. The President’s executive action last week, halting travel for 90 days for nationals from seven mostly Muslim countries, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, and Libya and Yemen, is eminently constitutional and it will be upheld on both legal precedent and national security grounds.”

Judge Jeanine continues, “Now I start with one fundamental premise, no one has the right to enter the United States unless he or she is a citizen of the United States. So, did the Commander-in-Chief have the authority to impose the 90 day ban? Every president has wide latitude to protect the homeland. And no one, no one has the right to usurp that presidential authority.” She cites Section 212 (f) of the Immigration and Nationalization Act of 1952 and other as evidence of the authority, including deliberate acts by Congress which are not subject to permission or the approval of an activist, illegitimate radical in a black robe.

She reviews what happened, saying, “So, this Judge Robart from Seattle issues an emergency temporary restraining order on the grounds that the plaintiffs, the states of Washington and Minnesota, would suffer irreparable harm and would most likely win their case. Yet there was no explanation what harm they will suffer or why they will win.”

She notes, “On the other hand, a Boston federal judge who last week also issued an emergency stay on the same grounds of irreparable harm and the likelihood of success, had declined to extend that order, saying that the President did have the authority to apply extra vetting measures to travelers coming into the country from those specific countries.

She notes that both of the lunatic judges ruled that the inconvenience to foreigners outweighed the very real threat to the American people, a threat that they have no intimate knowledge of and are assuming to be exaggerated or that our safety is of no consequence. Then again, they may be pro-terrorist, how would we know?

Judge Pirro says, “Now this is the type of action that puts our country into a constitutional crisis, for a judge to say that foreign nationals’ rights take priority even though the President has determined that reviews from before are now insufficient, when that judge has virtually none of the information that the Commander-in-Chief has is somewhat radical?

“Not surprising,” says Judge Jeanine, “when Judge Robart is known for his ‘community activism’ and controversial statements like ‘Black Lives Matter’ in his federal court in 2016.  She closes her open saying, “Make no mistake, we do live in a dangerous world. There are legitimate national security concerns. And for some judge in Seattle to suggest that he is in a better position to evaluate the equities between some foreign nationals and the national security concerns that we have for the American people, is not only egotistical, it’s just plain wrong.”

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12 Comments on Judge Jeanine Blisters Egotistical Activist Judge Usurping President Trump

  1. Sometime the head is too far gone for Vaseline to work.

  2. disbar him at once. No pension, no pay, no nothing. He is a traitor to America and as I have looked this up, has connections to soros and his minions.

  3. This CLOWN, So-Called Judge Robarts should be removed from his office of Judge. He seemingly does not know the Constitution and or the laws that the Constitution provides for ‘We The People.
    He can not responsibly uphold the Law, nor adjudication of the law if he is to dammn dumb to understand said law.

  4. Most likely this issue will NOT get into a court room, but in the meantime, while all the wrangling goes on, people with bad intentions are pouring into America.

  5. Sad, isn’t it, that they are too stupid to learn what is really going on. They are still quoting the rhetoric of the globalists/anti-Trump/anti-America lies instead of settling down and doing their part to unite this country again. Too many illegals/aliens have been brought in and bought by Soros and others like him to keep our country divided. Now is the time to stand behind our strong leader. Power to the police to put these criminals in jail and off our streets now.

  6. Dr. Deplorable // February 5, 2017 at 9:50 pm // Reply

    Forgive So-called Judge Robart, a Flaming Homosexual,for he knows not what he does!

  7. So, do something – IMPEACH HIM!

  8. TONYA PARNELL // February 5, 2017 at 8:45 pm // Reply


  9. Freddie Arthur Hisle // February 5, 2017 at 5:23 pm // Reply

    Shirley, Ditto.

    I heard a statement from someone that nobody knows: “you have to go to college today to get that stupid”.

  10. Shirley, that is all they know how to do anything. They have no will of their own. They only know what to say, f someone tells them to. They don’t know how to look things up, common core taught them the core mantras. “I am correct, you are wrong.” “Don’t ask questions”. Our first taste of that came in the form of my child’s 8th grade science teacher. Who told that to the kids, while studying “climate change “. That is absurd. Since is the ajar subject where questions are vital. You ask a question, come up with a hypothesis and research the thesis. communists p, oops I mean common core, teaches our children not to think for themselves. So you can never win an argument with a extreme leftist, because they know nothing else, but what they are told to say. If it becomes to intense, either they run to mommy and daddy, ask that someone changes their diaper or go hug themselves in the mirror or color in their coloring books. Or the other is to attack when cornered with the truth. I pity these poor souls. They will never learn.

  11. The blatant hypocrisy of the Left is mind-boggling. They ignore the Constitution when it gets in their way, and then rush to it when they feel it will support them.

    Disgusting stuff.

  12. Totally agree Judge Jeanine, I have been repeating that law to many stupid Liberals for months, but instead of looking up and reading the constitution they just spout insane rhetoric with nothing legal to back them up.

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