Judge Jeanine – Black Dems Go To Prison For Less Than Clinton Crimes

judge jeanine


Sean Hannity plays a clip from a Trump thank you rally in which the attendees are screaming out “lock her up,” something that happens at every event he holds. Hannity asks Judge Jeanine to comment, asking, “it really isn’t Donald Trump’s call, is it?”

Judge Jeanine says, “No, it isn’t, because you’ve got an independent Department of Justice and you’ve also got an independent FBI. I think if anything, Jim Comey showed us that during the course of this election. But what Donald Trump said was that he wanted to go forward. He didn’t take it off the table, he said ‘I’m not out to hurt her.'”

Judge Jeanine notes that just recently two black Democrats were sentenced to long prison terms, one of ten years, on far less money laundering and corruption. She asks, “So are we saying that African-Americans who are Democrats should be subject to these criminal charges but not the Clintons? Because you don’t really want to go there.”

She says, “What we’ve got is an incredible amount of money here in the Clinton Foundation. We’ve got the FBI, main justice in DC, disputing whether or not anyone cares about the email server felonies. She says they’re going after money laundering, conspiracy, RICO, corruption – the foreign countries are doing this too, Sean.”

Hannity makes the argument that Trump should not make a public comment, just stay out of it and let the process run its natural course. She draws a distinction between Mr. Trump’s comments and those of Hussein Obama as Obama prejudging the case and the outcome, something that Mr. Trump has not even come close to doing since winning the election.

Judge Jeanine hasn’t seen all of the evidence but based upon what she has seen she knows this case needs to be before a grand jury. She notes that there is a money-laundering investigation out of LA where they are talking about the Clinton Foundation and brings up again the fact that foreign nations are now looking at her.

She notes that if they don’t apply the law equally, the message is clear that equal justice does not exist in the US and that if you’re African American you may be going to jail, but not if you’re a Clinton.

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