Judge Jeanine, AG Sessions – More Judges, Prioritizing Gangs But Law Applies To All

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Judge Jeanine Pirro interviewed Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the topic of immigration, starting with his trip this week to the border and his announcement that it “is not open to anyone who just thinks that they can cross it.” She pointed out his appointment of 125 new immigration judges in conjunction with a policy that is being sent to the US Attorneys that cases are going to be prioritized,” and other things she says were ignored for the past eight years. She asks, “Is it going to make a difference?”

AG Sessions replies, “It’s going to make a difference. And the biggest difference is the message Donald Trump’s election sent and his leadership, which is, ‘this border is not open. If you come to America come lawfully, don’t come unlawfully.’ And that’s already, I think, a huge factor in the decline in the attempts to enter America. “

She asks how we find, identify and move out the ones who are here. She’s only asking, unfortunately, about the gang members, as if the run of the mill illegals seem are the beneficiaries of some unwritten policy against enforcing the law, a de facto amnesty.

Sessions promises to defeat MS-13 and the violent gang members in general, incarcerate them and then deport them afterwards, outside of a much less porous border. He also goes a step further in reaffirming the policy of prosecuting all illegals. He says, “No person can come into the country illegally and not expect to be deported.  I mean, where did this come from? So somebody gets past the border, they spend a week in the United States somewhere and then they’re caught, they get to claim they don’t have to be deported, don’t deport me? That makes no sense at all.”

He says, “So we need to restore lawfulness. We need to tell the people ‘don’t come illegally, if you want to come wait your turn,’ and when people start doing that we’ll see a great improvement. And if somebody commits a crime, while they’re here legally or illegally, before permanent residence, then they can and should be deported.

He addresses the subject of sanctuary cities, saying that, “First and foremost, they need to listen to their constituents. I do not the people of Lansing, MI, wanted an individual, who came to the country illegally, who got convicted of an assault or crime or murder or rape or drug deal and is under the US law, shall be removed from America. Why would any city want to say, ‘No, you can’t remove these people, they get to stay in our community?’ It makes no sense.

AG Sessions pledges to battle the sanctuary cities and other entities every step of the way, welcome news for those who were beginning to doubt the resolve on the border issue. They still seem incapable of targeting complicit employers, though, which would have a tremendous and immediate impact.

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2 Comments on Judge Jeanine, AG Sessions – More Judges, Prioritizing Gangs But Law Applies To All

  1. Sheriff ask illegal; “are you a USA citizen”. Illegal” “No”. Then there is a BOOM; end of story.

  2. Kelleigh Nelson // April 16, 2017 at 7:18 pm // Reply

    People don’t fully understand these Mexican gangs and how dangerous they are, expecially MS-13. My friends who moved here from CA know the insignia they spray paint and he says they’re all over the country. I hope to heaven that Sessions and Trump can do something. First thing to do is tell these tyrannical judges that they don’t make law, only the Constitution and Congress…and the law is written for the prez to stop certain people/countries from coming in here. So he needs to tell them to go pound sand and go ahead with his plans.

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