Judge Grants Temporary Stay To Detained Visa Holders From Banned Nations

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Judge Jeanine had former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani booked for her show when news broke that a federal judge had “granted an emergency stay to temporarily allow people who landed in the US with valid visas to stay in the country. This will affect the people detained at these airports where people are protesting tonight.”

She asked Giuliani for his take on the judge’s ruling but he instead compliments her on her open and then talks about other things. He covers the success of the first week of Mr. Trump’s presidency and describes the process for the seven country ban and who was involved in it. He never did get around to the ruling by the federal judge.

She has a libtard Obama insider, David Tafuri, on after Giuliani, who couldn’t say enough bad things quick enough about the executive order and those who prepared it. In making his case that the countries named in the ban haven’t been involved in terror attacks recently, he ignores the Somali attacks in Minnesota. He couldn’t mention them or his arguments get blown out of the water.

Judge Jeanine says she enjoyed having him on and maybe it’s good that at least one person did. She also promises to have him back again, setting up the most difficult question of the night – why? He has one of those voices that screams out that he’s either hiding in the closet or “proud” to have escaped. He’s a libtard sissy boy Judge, let him talk to Chris Matthews.

Reuters reports that it was a Brooklyn, New York  judge, Ann Donnelly who issued the order last Saturday, temporarily blocking the U.S. government from sending people back out of the country once they have landed in the United States with a valid visa.

The liberals at the ACLU estimates there are between 100 and 200 people who are presently detained in airports around the US that will be affected.

The ruling came in a hearing in her courtroom in the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

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2 Comments on Judge Grants Temporary Stay To Detained Visa Holders From Banned Nations

  1. I have a big question about this. First, wasn’t it an Executive Order issued by Trump? I need to look it up again to find out how EO’s can be stopped, but as I recall, never a one of Obama’s was stopped. From what I remember, it took 60 votes to stop it, and it had to be done within 15 days before it went into the Federal Register. Now, if that’s the case, how can a judge stop anything?

    I would hope someone who reads Rick has the answer. I’m going to ask Publius Huldah if she has the answer to this. Really infuriating isn’t it! And I find it shocking that Judge Jeanine is like this with that socialist…oy. And why did Rudy ignore the question? What is going on…

    • I’m not able to double check right now Kelliegh whether it was a memorandum from johnson or an obama eo that judge haney issued his injunction on to stop their amnesty but that might be one where the similar thing happened in reverse – judge jeanine does some odd things sometimes, like she was looking for help in all the wrong places.

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