Joy Reid Attacks Trump – Too Patriotic, Christian, Not Racist Enough For Her

joy reid


What does the anti-white black nationalist Joy Reid have to say regarding Donald Trump’s civility towards Vladimir Putin? Nothing good, as, after all, it’s Trump which means she must find fault, and secondarily, his actions favor the American people and not her world Nazi government, another reason why she’s going to be dismissive.

She wants to impress us that she’s intelligent, so she’ll be talking a little fast, a means to make it harder to sort out the various elements of bull crap. That’s what she does on MSBNC, it’s what Chuck Todd invited her over to continue on Meet the Press for Kwanza.

The woman who saw racism in those who legitimately called Hussein Obama the empty suit see the billionaire who has a lifetime filled with accomplishments as “an empty vessel.” She should aspire to such emptiness. The danger in that, she proclaims, is that the strong camp in Trump world are all troubling. So since he’s not an empty suit like his predecessor surrounded with globalist sycophants following the Marxo-Fascist agenda, and there are actually strong people with solutions and ideas, she doesn’t know what to expect and to her that’s dangerous. Maybe it’s because she’s the empty pink pantsuit with nothing inside with which to make judgments.

Since Trump doesn’t want to engage in the war with Russia that her candidate the criminal and the current empty suit do with Russia, she demeans his lack of hostility as being servitude, calling Mr. Trump a devotee of Putinism and a “pro-Puntinite.” That’s much less acceptable to her to the Obama global caliphate creation advocacy or his UN sanction and ordained globalism as “one Africa” under the agenda 2030 wealth redistribution mandates, or “Arab Spring,” where Clinton and Obama would have us all serving the Islamists. She’s fine with Obama and Clinton be pro-Rouhani, Iranian Rouhianites, practicing Rouhaism or Islamic caliphate terror, just don’t get along with Putin and attempt to stamp it out. Her globalist masters, and those of brother Chuck, demand service to the global organization and them above all else.

She’s concerned that Donald Trump is echoing this “non-black, European, sort of ethno-nationalist line,” which competes against her blacks first, Islam first racist agenda that they’ve planted under Obama. She’s the first to accuse Trump of being a white racist but he’s also a non-race racist, apparently, by sharing nationalist preservation views with European nations regardless of their ethnicity.

She complains that “His language is not about specific countries that are our allies it’s about Christians versus Islam, this sort of elimilationist [sic] almost language that says that we are in a war of civilizations and embracing that.” This traitor knows who is invading whom, who’s strapping bombs to themselves, firing weapons and driving killer trucks, but her mission is to vilify Mr. Trump. Todd’s job is to help, and Islam and world conflict will be the beneficiaries.

She cites George Bush as an example of what’s appropriate conduct – she’ll say anything to get her convoluted, irrational delusional point across. It’s dangerous for us to stand up as Christians against the Islamic invasion, she proclaims. And to stand with Israelis is sheer madness.

Wouldn’t Boko Haram love to have a bright pink clown like this in those Nigerian jungles, where they could debate about the benefits of “eliminationism” as it applies to little school girls that look a lot like her, minus the makeup and layers of fat? Maybe she could get caught up on her genital mutilation regime while she’s there. The reduced stupidity level of Meet the Press would be refreshing as well, at least temporarily; everybody wins.

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