Rep Jim Jordan, favored by many outside of the never-Trump swamp establishment to replace Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House, is being targeted in a typical smear…

jim jordan

The leftist, anti-American Democrats are rolling out another incarnation of the same “late-breaking sex scandal fabrication” dirty tricks they have used in attempts to torpedo and remove President Trump from office, this time attacking Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) for allegedly not reporting inappropriate sexual misconduct of a team doctor decades ago. Why is this fabricated issue coming to the forefront now, we might ask. Jordan has been fierce in his pursuit of establishment COUP kingpin Rod Rosenstein, something that has displeased both the Democrat and RINO uniparty swamp creatures.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Following a heated exchange in which Jordan pointed out that Rod Rosenstein has been obstructing justice and abusing his position as the de facto Attorney General for political purposes, a story suddenly emerges of alleged incidences of homosexual groping by a wrestling team doctor at Ohio State twenty years ago. That doctor, Richard Strauss, died in 2005, making it impossible for him to defend himself or Rep Jordan from the convenient allegations.

Clearly this is another episode of the left smearing the reputation and name of a good, Christian man in the pursuit of their dark political objectives. Whether it’s the Access Hollywood tapes, “Storm Drain” Daniels crawling out of the sewer at a most opportune time, or Summer Zervos and the rest of Gloria Allred’s lying gold-diggers and their contrived crocodile tear-filled public statements, it’s a blatant attempt to discredit and remove a political opponent that the left can’t defeat on the issues and nothing more.

The American people, most importantly those in Rep Jordan’s district, are seeing through the attacks. If anything, his support, including for his becoming the next Speaker of the House, is now stronger than it was previously.

Establishment tool and current Speaker Paul Ryan was characteristically unsupportive, saying through a spokesman, “These are serious allegations and issues. The university has rightfully initiated a full investigation into the matter. The speaker will await the findings of that inquiry.” Ryan had better look out. He’s always clearly been in bed with his Democrat comrades and that is likely why he’s not supporting Jordan in defending himself from these smears.

Asked about the curious timing of the accusations by a reporter, Jordan replied, “Look, the timing makes you wonder,” adding, “It’s interesting that the timing is what it is in light of things that are going on in Washington.

But Jordan is far more popular as a man of the people than is Ryan. Pressure to remove Ryan by Jordan supporters anxious to get someone into the position of Speaker who will actually act on behalf of the American people will likely increase as it becomes obvious that there is no trace of a reason to protect Ryan any longer.

Perhaps it was his challenge to the swamp creature Ryan remaining as Speaker that also led to the false accusations against Jordan. Maybe it’s time to take out all of the trash, to accelerate the timetable for Ryan’s departure along with his comrade Rosenstein and the other deep state vermin at DOJ. There’s no reason to wait until the midterms to start cleaning our House. Someone grab a broom, Ryan can fill a cardboard box.

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