Rep Jordan Stomps Blowhard Cuomo Blaming GOP For Obamacare Implosion

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Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) agreed to an interview with the exceptionally rude propagandist Chris Cuomo, who talked over him throughout, in his customary manner. Not only is Cuomo the epitome of CNN Democrat partisanship, even the banner above his name is reflective of the network bias, reading “Trump ends healthcare subsidies for poor people.” Nowhere does it mention they’re another illegal act by the Kenyan usurper, just the implication that Trump is the Grinch and for him, everyday is Christmas.

Why do Republicans ever go on CNN, but particularly legitimize this obnoxious piece of liberal trash by appearing on his program and further enabling and rewarding this type of conduct. After Jordan speaks in support of President Trump’s decision to end the illegal subsidies the imposter Obama enacted, Cuomo can almost be seen engaging the propaganda machine between his ears.

Always quick to call Republicans by their first name, the dishonest leftist asks, “Jim, why aren’t you saying that the President is acting like an emperor and that his job is to execute laws that are passed, not write his own?” Ya think it’s got anything to do with the fact that he isn’t,  Cuomo?

Jordan responds to the obvious attempt to equate the actions of President Trump with Obama, pointing out that Obama acted illegally as he did with enacting DACA. All President Trump is doing is discontinuing the illegal actions of the pretend “president.”

After noting that the “CSR” subsidy payments were never appropriated and a court has ruled that they are illegal, and the fact that the only thing keeping it afloat is the illegal raiding of the treasury to fund it illustrates just what a mess it is. Jordan then goes on to point out how the promises made to sell this disaster to the American people have all proven to have been complete and total lies.

Jordan got the better of this exchange, with Cuomo unable to filibuster and bloviate over him, shifting the topic, a key component of his customary combative style intended to knock his adversary off balance, got him nowhere against Jordan.

As Cuomo tells him that Republicans now own the failure of the collapsing Obamacare because President Trump ordered the discontinuance of illegal payments, Jordan has to laugh. He says, “He’s not subverting a law he’s stopping unconstitutional payments to insurance companies who have made record profits the last few quarters. Give me a break.”

Cuomo shakes his head vigorously, faster even than his lips are moving, saying that the other executive order to allow individuals to join together into group plans doesn’t make it cheaper.  He’s running out of ammo as the interview winds down, resorting at the end to telling Jordan they’ll own it again and they will be judged.

Jordan already was aware that he has to face the voters every two years, that’s why he’s working so hard to try to do what he promised them he would, repeal and replace Obamacare. It’s too bad the Senate isn’t equally motivated.

If they were, President Trump wouldn’t be taking this stand on his own through executive action. That’s what happens when you start a new job and were hired to fix the mess your predecessor made, be they incompetence or deliberate sabotage. Obama and his communist cabal made a mess of everything they touched. It would be nice if President Trump could get a little more cooperation of the type Jordan and the freedom caucus now seem to be fully committed to.

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5 Comments on Rep Jordan Stomps Blowhard Cuomo Blaming GOP For Obamacare Implosion

  1. I would like to see Jordan and Meadows take the helm in the House and see how they do. Of course we would need the same leadership changes in the Senate but is time to give “Constitutionalists” an opportunity.

  2. That Cuomo is really a nasty character, isn’t he. He talks and talks but makes no sense at all. How can he possibly consider that an American President who bypassed Cogress and made his own laws, doubled the national debt, brought thousands of terrorists in to intimidate legal Americans and totally messed up any immigration policies in place (by lying, cheating, throwing our money at them, etc.) could possibly be believed at all, let alone revered as he seems to do. What an idiot. Unfortunately, there are too many like him that need to go find a country they can live in.

  3. I’m so Grateful to God and my fellow Americans that we finally have an American President that IS KEEPING HIS CAMPAIGN PROMISES! Is there perfection in ANYONE/ANYTHING in life, no. I Bethany for the MOST part, this Constitutional move WILL benefit us. If there are those among us that believe our Country’s CONSTITUTION is outdated, or some frivolous document one can bend, twist, or break at will…..then perhaps it’s time for those to begin a search for Countries that better fit their preference’s and MOVE THERE. For far too long we have sat back and ALLOWED the glue that binds our Nation together be diluted with actions that go completely AGAINST the Constitution and water down our Principal, Integrity, and Values that with the Grace of the ONE ALMIGHTY GOD MAKE America the Greatest Country in the world to live in. Before we succumb to the damages created over time, we have an opportunity to bring back the very things that have always MADE this land so attractive to live in & on! People of past years did NOT go through LEGAL immigration and all of the requirements that it brings, just to CHANGE the very nature of the REASONS they even WANTED to be here! They DESPERATELY WANTED TO BE A PART OF HER WONDERS! In fact, that’s WHY our Americans that came here AS immigrants THROUGH the front door are FIGHTING FOR TRUMP! To those who would seek to subvert, give up. It’s NOT going to work. At least not at THIS time in History. Just my 2¢ on this. God has the ultimate answer and God will give the Victor the POWER to BE the Victor…. scripture tells us that no weapon formed against you shall prosper……another, Greater is he that is in thee than he that is of this world. Amen.

  4. Freddie Arthur Hisle // October 15, 2017 at 5:34 pm // Reply

    The entire cooukmo family are communist loving thugs, starting with Mario right down the line.


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