Rep Jordan believes that CNN talking head and former DNI Clapper gave CNN the green light on the dossier and that Comey’s leaker buddy Richman had special…

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Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) says the thing that jumped out at him most about the Comey memos was the fact that it was Comey himself who provided the “news hook” that enabled CNN to run with the dossier story. His briefing President Trump gave it enough of a hint of legitimacy that it was then within the low journalistic standards to present the Democrat fabrication as fact.

Jordan says he believes that pathological liar and former DNIJames Clapper was the one who orchestrated the briefing and then immediately afterwards informed CNN that the briefing had taken place. They were then reporting on an actual meeting, the additional layer of protective cover they were looking for to run the “salacious and unverified” work of Clinton fiction.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Jordan points out another inconsistency in the narrative of James Comey, his claims that the memos were personal and that, despite them being classified government documents, his making them public wasn’t really a leak. Comey shared them with individuals inside the FBI, McCabe, Jim Baker and Jim Rybicki, all of whom have been removed from their top FBI positions.

Jordan reveals that he remembers during a deposition of Jim Rybicki, “it was brought out that Daniel Richman, the guy who information was leaked through to the New York Times, had this special status called ‘Special Government Employee Status,’ where he could sort of come and go in the FBI. Which may not mean much, but it seems kind of interesting the guy that Comey leaks to is a good friend who had this sort of unfettered access into the FBI.”

He reiterates previous comments that he and Rep Mark Meadows were less than impressed with the engagement and knowledge of Sessions’ choice to be their facilitator for document production, noting that if things don’t change the potential for contempt and impeachment is still on the table.

Rep Jordan wants to know if the Absent Guy, AG Sessions, was consulted on the raid on Michael Cohen. He says, “It was sort of done outside of the umbrella of the Special Counsel, and Rosenstein has been reported as the one who made the call to go ahead and seek the search warrant. Because if it’s outside of Russia, Mr. Sessions is conceivably not recused. And we’re not talking about just any attorney.”

“We’re talking about the attorney for the President of the United States,” Jordan says. “It seems to me that would rise to the highest level of the Justice Department before some kind of decision like that is made.”

Ed Henry received a question from a viewer asking, “In the Comey book, instead of getting a search warrant, Comey says, for Clinton’s lawyers’ laptops that held classified emails, before they were deleted, the Justice Department negotiated access over a period of weeks out of concern for attorney-client privilege.”

That is the double standard President Trump is exposing, between covering up for and catering to criminals, and falsely prosecuting honest and innocent people because they are going negatively impact the Democrats’ grip on power.

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