John McAfee – Russia Hack Hoax A Cyber Lone Wolf False Flag

john mcafee hack


Security software pioneer John McAfee explains why the supposed Russian hack of the DNC is likely a false flag made to point to the Russians and definitely not the work of a nation state.

He says, “I think that today, the most deceptive propaganda to date was perpetrated on the American public. The data that was presented, the ‘evidence’ was culled from a thing called the Grizzly Steppe Report” a very questionable joint publication by the FBI and DHS that has a disclaimer for the reliability of the content in its header.

He describes their conclusions based upon four items included in the report as “utter nonsense.” The supposed compelling evidence was that Russian language was found in the malware, a Cyrillic keyboard was used to develop the piece of malware. Thirdly, the compiler, the piece of software that compiles the code so that it can execute always dates and timestamps. It said that the timestamps were in a time zone for the business hours of Moscow and St. Petersburg and other places in Russia. The fourth reason was that the IP address pointed to a Russian address.

McAfee contends that “If the CIA wanted to hack Russia, the things you would not do is, you would not include the English language in your software, because that would then exclude everybody except English speaking nations. You would certainly not use a keyboard that everybody knows that the CIA uses.” He says, “You’d have them use a Chinese keyboard or something else. You would certainly remove the date and timestamp from the program.” He adds, “And number four, you would absolutely not have an IP address that points to you.”

He says, “Either it’s propaganda intended to incite the American people to anger towards Russia for some reason or our intelligence community is so ignorant and naive that they should all be replaced.” He offers a kicker of why it cannot possibly be an organized nation state. McAfee says, “because the hack on the DNC used a piece of malware a year and a half old. And there have been many updates since then.”

He asks, “Do you actually believe the Russian intelligence services spend all of their time improving their malware and then when they do an important attack go, ‘Well I used that thing from a year ago, it only had a few bugs.’ No, this was done by an independent, one person kid, that downloaded the software.”

McAfee closes saying, “Please, this was not an organized hack and certainly not a nation state that did this.”

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