John “Look At Me” Lewis, Marching, Agitating, Gratified By Skanky Libtard Miscreants

john lewis


John Lewis demonstrated once again who and what he is, by attending the anti-Trump pro-abortion women’s march, sponsored by George Soros and Planned Parenthood, the latter having killed more black Americans than any other entity on the planet. Of course, they’re protected by the Democrat communist agenda, the dead black babies were collateral damage that was “justified” and required in order to enlist their irresponsible parents into the Democrat ranks. The end justifies the means.

Lewis is asked by a like-minded AP reporter what his feelings were as he watched the protests against his enemy and the enemy of all who hate liberty, the Constitution and self-government by the American citizens, President Donald Trump.

The unimpressive racist rabble-rouser repeated a line that he seems to use every time he opens his mouth in agitation, as he did in protesting a 2008 execution and countless times since, including when he smeared and propagated false accusations of racism against Senator Jeff Sessions in his confirmation hearings for Attorney General. “I just felt that as a nation and as a people we’ve come a distance, we’ve made progress.” By as a nation he may mean the United States and by as a people, he probably means black people, his ticket to be exploited for power.” He repeats the “forces that want to take us back to another place” line with great regularity as well, usually with a well practiced, slight cracking of false emotion thrown in for pity and effect.

As for his “we’ve come a distance” comments, two inches is a distance as is 8,000 miles. It is meaningless drivel but maybe to him and his followers, simplistic nonsense sounds philosophical and wise.

He continues, “And that’s why it’s gratifying to see hundreds and thousand a people [sic], all over America, more than 500,000 in Washington, 1,000 in Boston and New York, San Francisco, all over.” He’s asked, “And what do you think about this event today?” The eloquent Lewis replies, “Well, this is very moving, it’s very removing. [sic] And the rain stopped.

There’s nothing this clown won’t do for attention and to advance his racist, anti-American Democrat agenda, except, perhaps, take a course in English grammar or ethics training. Those aren’t needed for his district, party and position.

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