Jihadi Jeh Johnson – Trump Needs A “Quality Guy” Like Him To Head DHS

jihadi jeh johnson

A persuasive argument could be made that had both Janet Napolitano and Jihadi Jeh Johnson not been appointed to their positions as Directors of Homeland Security and they been left vacant, we’d have been better off than with their corrupt negative influences.

The same can be said for their predecessor, Michael “Rapiscan” Chertoff, the naked body scanner peddler. Now that there’s a vacancy that is being filled on an acting basis by Elaine Duke.  Jihadi Jeh, the creator of the welfare for terrorists CVE program, thinks someone of “Cabinet Level” needs to be appointed.

Is it too hard for his fellow jihadists to penetrate American defenses with Duke in the spot? The whole interview seems to have been set up to make that point and to take advantage of the calendar.

Andrea Mitchell asks Johnson, “And John Kelly has now been White House Chief of Staff for more than a month, I think. At this point, we still don’t have a replacement for him at Homeland. How troubling is it that there is no nominee to head this very complicated department?”

Right on cue, Johnson responds, “Well, today [September 11th] is a reminder that the job of Secretary of Homeland Security is an incredibly important one to the American people. I hope and expect that President Trump will nominate somebody very soon for this very important position.”

Not anyone who’s even remotely like you, though, Johnson. President Trump wants the laws enforced, our sovereignty respected and oaths to defend the Constitution and our nation to mean something.

Johnson says, “It’s not just counterterrorism and natural disasters. It’s cyber security, aviation security, maritime security, border security, the Secret Service, as you point out, immigration, of course, border security.” All of those are areas which Johnson and Napolitano left in a seriously weakened condition from when they arrived.

“It’s a job that needs to be filled,” says the elitist hack who was a lawyer with no security experience, who was appointed to the position because he was willing, even anxious, to subvert the rule of law and American sovereignty.

You need somebody at the cabinet level to keep their eye on all of this. Johnson wasn’t calling for someone “at the cabinet level” to replace deep state Obama insiders Andrew McCabe as acting FBI Director or Sally Yates as acting AG.

If Johnson is calling for an appointment it means the globalists have their candidate picked out and that Elaine Duke is doing an effective job filling in for Kelly. The fact that she’s better than he was, as a “Cabinet Level” individual, almost goes without saying.

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4 Comments on Jihadi Jeh Johnson – Trump Needs A “Quality Guy” Like Him To Head DHS

  1. Do not understand why there are no adds for a marksman needed. Are they all under contract by the, yep, them.

  2. Jeh is about the same “quality” that my dog drops each morning.

  3. Fred A. Hisle // September 12, 2017 at 6:00 pm // Reply

    The dickwad johnson can blow it out his ass; we do not need any more communist in our White House.

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