Jihadi Jeh Johnson Attacks White Infidels – Submit To Purge For Homeland Security

jihadi jeh johnson

The anti-American Democrat who formerly abused his position as Secretary of Homeland Security to help Islamists gain a foothold in the US and to flood of illegals and third world Africans into the US, in order to dilute the white population, is now predictably coming out in opposition to the Confederate monuments.

As if we gave a rip about him, Johnson starts off with a history of his family that is supposed to somehow add credibility to his forthcoming spiel.  He’s American by birth, the similarities stop there. The references to his great-grandfather being a slave has no relevance. Johnson’s a rich swamp attorney intimately connected to the deep state. He’s moved on from the situation of four generations and 150 years ago  and people he never knew, like his great grandfather.

Johnson, who is advocating for the removal of Confederate monuments, says, “I think most American understand that many of the founders of our nation were slave owners. But most of us are not advocating that we take them off the currency or drop Washington’s name from the nation’s capital.” Jihadi Jeh should add the word “yet” to the end of that sentence. It’s only a matter of time.

Johnson is a guy who wasn’t bothered in the least with importing unvetted Islamists from Syria or anywhere else in the Middle East or with our wide open borders. He’s the political hack who arranged for the American people to sponsor illegals and refugees against our will, including MS-13 and their  dispersion throughout America as DHS Secretary. Now he’s suddenly woken up to national security when it’s white Americans being portrayed as the terrorists. He has no credibility on security or this nation.

The lying globalist says, “What alarms so many of us from a national security perspective is that so many of the statues, the Confederate monuments are now, modern day, becoming symbols and rallying points for white nationalism.” That statement is the reason he’s on the program. It’s the globalist garbage he was dispatched to deliver. He’s moving the anti-white agenda “forward,” in typical commie-fascist style.

The reason monuments are becoming rallying points lately is in a direct response to the attacks by his fellow leftists upon them. If they’ll quit attacking and trying to move them, the rallies will stop. Secondly, there’s nothing illegal about white nationalism just as there is nothing illegal about black supremacy, though both are equally offensive. He’s vilifying all nationalism as being racist, just as Obama did when he criticized those seeking to defend our borders from his onslaught. His criticism is a promotion of globalism and an attack upon our sovereignty.

Nationalism is a good thing; it is necessary for a nation to survive. All races should be American nationalists, but that would put Johnson and the turncoats like him out of power and in jeopardy of going to prison. He claims to salute those who are taking down the monuments for reasons of public safety and security. The statues aren’t a threat to anyone – Jihadi Jeh Johnson and his comrades are. Removal of the statues is a component of their de-whiting of America and the rewriting of our history.

He adds, “And that’s not a matter of political correctness. That’s a matter of public safety and homeland security and doing what’s right.” He falls back on the worn out Obama mantra of “It’s the right thing to do” as Obama did, when there’s no factual or rational basis to support his position or he had no legal authority to do what he was doing. What is claimed to be right, particularly when presented by an enemy of this nation, is not right. His and Obama’s operating a network of leftist thugs through the OFA and Soros Open Societies front groups isn’t right, neither are their attacks on America or their being ignored by the media and political harlots and weaklings.

Johnson again declares, making it more obvious that it is the reason for his appearance, “My concern, as the former Secretary of Homeland Security is we see ‘white nationalists’ now, neo-Nazis using these symbols as rallying points, modern, and that has to be addressed.” Their freedoms of assembly and speech must be quashed, they’re the wrong color, he and his comrades don’t approve of what they’re saying.

He says we saw what happened in Charlottesville and that we have to avoid repeat occurrences of that. The dead woman wasn’t allied with the so-called “white nationalists,” and she didn’t commit suicide. Johnson doesn’t explain how she happened to standing in the road or how she drew the killer’s attention. The white boys weren’t attacking themselves. If the Democrat thugs hadn’t come intent on assaulting people, nobody would have gotten hurt.

Jihadi Jeh closes out his interview as if it’s a comedy sketch, talking about how Hussein Obama, throughout his entire career “talked about” bringing people together. He fails to mention he did so as a cover to hide his divisive actions, how he was focused throughout his pretend presidency on attacking white America and our sovereignty, as a means to the globalist end.

 Actions speak louder than disingenuous words, and they have for the entire time both of those subversives have been installing a corrupt, anti-citizen, enemy government, the one President Trump is attempting to fight.

Get rid of the Obama holdovers, Mr. President. They’re just like this guy, and still colluding with him against us all.


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