Jesus Campos Locked Away Inside MGM Fortress So He Doesn’t Talk

Jesus Campos made it one and done for interviews, the MGM-friendly Ellen program being his appearance of record. Now they refuse to reveal his whereabouts or allow any…

jesus campos

Jesus Campos, the Mandalay Bay security guard who we are told happened upon Stephen Paddock as he was about to unleash his murderous rampage on innocent concert attendees below, has been placed in protective custody, confined to an MGM property.

It doesn’t appear to have been done by law enforcement in the interest of his health or safety, but by his employer, MGM Resorts international, in the interest of the health and safety of their financial statements. They wouldn’t want him saying the wrong thing to the American people, exposing the truth and simultaneously, them to legal action.

Campos was reportedly shot in the leg with a large caliber round, yet is well enough to have traveled to Mexico on the sly and to the Ellen DeGeneres program for his sole, MGM approved, media event before they put him into their own version of a witness protection program.

That odd trip to Mexico may have been a concession by the MGM to their employee, knowing that he would be under virtual house arrest afterwards, something he insisted on in order to obtain his cooperation. The MGM corporation is not known for either their warmth or their fuzziness. The almighty dollar has spoken and those victims will have to fight for every scintilla of evidence for their cases. Right or wrong has no place in their decision making process.

There always is the possibility that the guy who has been presented to America as Jesus Campos is not the employee at all, perhaps a relative of his that they brought back from Mexico, for whatever reason, to pretend to be Campos. There are questions about his appearance being different, two prominent moles no longer being on his chin for one. That would be a good reason, from their perspective, to hide both versions of Jesus inside their properties, likely different ones or perhaps at a private residence.

Attorney Mo Aziz, who represents one of the shooting victims, said, “I really think it’s about not allowing reporters and lawyers and investigators to get to him. I think they want to make sure he doesn’t make any statement that could really become problematic. And the reason they put him up on their property is so that they’ll know at all times where he is and who’s talking with him.”

Campos has been a ghost since shortly after the shooting, when he cancelled media appearances, including Sean Hannity’s program and disappeared from a meeting with MGM execs and union officials.

The “big-hearted” MGM maintains that they are allowing Campos to live rent-free solely because they are concerned for his well-being. But he’s still paying rent at his regular, before the shooting home for the rest of his family, if they’re really concerned for him, why not just pay his rent there while he’s on his “medical recovery” period.

MGM executive vice president Alan Feldman answered that question, saying, “When his name became public, Jesus was inundated with media coming to his home. Out of concern for our employee’s well-being and privacy, we provided a room for him.”

It’s too bad they don’t share that same level of compassion for those who lost loved ones and who were injured through the actions of one of their hotel guests, one who smuggled an arsenal into two of their rooms, likely with the use of a freight elevator. Humanitarianism, especially the faux variety, only goes so far. When it conflicts with dollars, we see where they place the priority, without hesitation. 



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4 Comments on Jesus Campos Locked Away Inside MGM Fortress So He Doesn’t Talk

  1. Shady bunch at MGM Resorts…

    Company that owns Mandalay Bay sent letter to employees soliciting donations for civil rights groups

  2. Andrea Kraus Nelson // October 29, 2017 at 1:31 pm // Reply

    One can only hope their hotels will be empty of patrons in the same manner as the NFL stadiums. There are plenty of other hotels in Las Vegas besides MGM venues. Boycotts work!

  3. This will soon become the poster child of a lot that is wrong with our nation. It’s more apparent every day we have a 2-tier civil and criminal law(s) systems in the USA and money will get you special treatment if you have enough of it and share it with the right people.

    This recent pedophile stuff to come out this past month may even be tied in to this, according to some speculative sources. It will be interesting to see if the truth about all this comes out soon and the reactions to the revelations that follow.

  4. does this sound like it’s getting CRAZIER BY THE MINUTE.
    and the FBI, FORGET IT.

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