Jay Sekulow – Obama Operating Shadow Intelligence Govt, Leakers Network

jay sekulow


Jay Sekulow was one of those who broke the story initially of the reason why there are so many leaks now under the Trump administration. The rules were changed by Obama as he was walking out the door, signed off on by Loretta Lynch 17 days before President Trump was inaugurated. The heck with national security, Lynch and Obama are setting up a shadow government and leaks will seriously undermine the operation of the White House.

If it looks like things are less secure under the Trump administration, it’s only because they were engineered to be that way by his crooked, anti-American predecessor. Obama wants whatever will harm America, it’s really that simple.

Sekulow notes that under an executive order signed by Ronald Reagan, intelligence first went to the NSA and then was later disseminated in the manner they saw fit. Now, with the new Obama rules, an additional 13 agencies were added to the pool, making it impossible to identify the source of leaks and to prevent them from occurring.

Professor Harry Hutchison, who tracked down the document that produced the change, describes what happened as a soft coup by intelligence agency bureaucrats against the Trump Administration. He cites a statement by Eli Lake of Bloomberg describing it as, “Michael Flynn’s demise amounts to nothing less than a political assassination. This assassination required the active connivance of the Obama administration and their loyalists and the news media, richly assisted by the intelligence community itself.”

He adds, “It’s very possible that members of the intelligence community have committed criminal misconduct in disclosing secret information. He also quotes a suggestion by Paul Sperry that Obama created a shadow government as he was leaving, “designed to protect his ‘legacy’ and designed to subvert the incoming Trump administration.” He adds that so far it looks like it’s succeeding.

It does seem like Obama isn’t satisfied to have merely been an illegal usurper in our White House for two terms. He wants to control things in the truest of dictatorial manners, from outside, after he’s supposedly left power. That seems like grounds for charges of treason or espionage, whatever the appropriate charge is for foreign agents who have infiltrated and are attacking the American government.

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4 Comments on Jay Sekulow – Obama Operating Shadow Intelligence Govt, Leakers Network

  1. President Trump is not a dummie
    His ennemies’ destructive actions are miracously backfiring. There is a very high power protecting our government and this country; everything will be uncovered and justice will be done.

  2. Somebody better stop him …before it’s too late … he has the whole underground behind him and they will protect him and cover for him …I hope Pres. Trump will use whatever assets he has to put this bit of Riffraff behind him …and Hillary and the ‘great Crooked DOJ” as well……and a few more unmentionables ….like Moore …. We won’t last long as a people or a country once obama takes over again .

  3. TONYA PARNELL // February 28, 2017 at 3:38 pm // Reply


    • Rick Wells // March 1, 2017 at 4:33 am // Reply

      that’s how I see it too Tonya, more than one way to skin a cat and much less effort

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