Jaws Attacks – Obama DNC Boy Perez Peddles Fake Russia Story On CNN

tom perez


Tom Perez, the newly elected DNC chairman, received serious consideration as a possible running mate by Hillary Clinton before she settled on the other pervy looking guy, Tim Kaine. The former Obama labor secretary is part of the Soros cabal that is presently engaged in a war on the American people and the Trump administration, the triple-headed hydra of Soros, Obama and Clinton.

Perez is asked by his fellow Clinton supporter Jake Tapper about a comment via tweet by President Trump. It stated, “The race for DNC chairman was, of course, totally rigged. Bernie’s guy, like Bernie himself, never had a chance. Clinton demanded Perez.”

Utilizing the canned and scripted responses we can expect from this hack for as long as he’s in the job, Perez said, “Well, you know Congressman Ellison and I got a good kick out of that. Donald Trump up again in the morning, tweeting about us. You know our unity as a party is our greatest strength and it’s his worst nightmare.”

As was likely predetermined and scripted, Perez immediately shifts the topic. He’s not going to talk about their routine fraud, in this instance the staging of the pretend competition between Ellison and Perez to make Perez more acceptable by comparison while enabling them to draw in his “identity” supporters. It’s the same type of scheme that backfired when they ran Sanders against Clinton and he bested her, necessitating even more fraud in response. No, that was the content of the tweet and the question but he’ll talk about their fabricated fake news story, Russia, instead. of course, Tapper’s fine with that.

According to this subhuman cockroach, President Trump and Vladimir Putin are buddies. They’ve never met, which makes that a lie. Would you like to ask him about that Mr. Tapper? Of course not. Perez goes on to impugn the integrity of Attorney General Sessions, repeating a lame joke that was lame the first time we heard it in his attempt to do so.

His job is to undermine the Trump administration, so he calls for an independent investigation of an event that never happened as a pretext for doing exactly that. The source of the assessment that those false claims were based upon came from partisan hacks and Obama loyalists, former CIA Director John Brennan and DNI James Clapper. There’s no objective substantiation of their sole opinions and the FBI has no active investigation. The reason none is ongoing is that there is no evidence of a crime or collusion. There’s evidence of a Democrat smear and political self-defense campaign, but that’s all.

The DNC dimwit injects General Flynn’s name into the conversation in some disjointed attempt to use him to discredit the President, as he’s already fallen victim to their smears. He says, “And when Sessions and Flynn are out there together campaigning, they clearly lack the authority and the objectivity to conduct that investigation.” He’s right that Flynn lacks that authority, since he’s a private citizen now, it’s something he also didn’t have as National Security Adviser when he was in the Trump administration. Sessions has his authority as AG but there’s nothing to investigate, nowhere to start, nothing happened.

Perez is playing to his ignorant Democrat base. They’ve been fed a steady diet of “Sessions and Flynn are evil” since the election so all they have to do is say their names. They aren’t smart enough to understand the comments are ignorant. But they can recognize the names. That’s what Perez is after.

This guy’s a snake and so is his Muslim deputy. Things are always ugly with the Democrats; they just got a lot worse.

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