Jarrett – Sexist GOP Senators Can’t Possibly Make Decisions On Health Care

valerie jarrett alinsky


Alisyn “Alinsky” Camerota is paid, as a CNN leftist hack, to attack President Trump and the non-establishment Republicans in any way she can. That might be as racists, inhumane and selfish non-communists, planet destroyers, gun-crazed rednecks or, as in this instance, women haters. Although many Republicans actually are women, the stereotype is perpetrated regardless.

Helping comrade Camerota on this day was Obama insider and radical Iranian, Valerie Jarrett. Camerota sets up the assault, saying, “Very quickly, I just want to show you the group of GOP Senators, there’s 13 of them, working on health care right now. I’d like for you to look at this picture.”

The anti-American host asks, “Which of these men do you feel represents women’s health issues.?” The Obama hypocrite Jarrett replies, “Well let me just say I think the group would be improved quite dramatically if you included some of the 21 women who are in the Senate. I mean, ask yourself, how comfortable would men be if a group of women were making decisions about personal health care issues that they might face?”

She continues, “Whether it’s a  vasectomy or a circumcision or tests for prostate cancer, do they really want that solely decided by women? I don’t think so. We make better decisions when the people whose lives are impacted directly are at the table.”

If that’s the metric for judging the quality of the decision making, why is it that she and Hussein Obama excluded all of Congress and their staffs from being subject to the health care law, Obamacare, that they passed initially? Wouldn’t it have been a better decision if those making the determinations were actually going to be forced into the coverage they were saddling the rest of us with?

Then again, Jarrett doesn’t believe any of the crap that’s raining out of her mouth, she’s just saying it because she thinks it sounds good and makes her opposition look bad. And, for the record, it’s an empty statement – nobody besides the unhinged and dishonest leftists ever made the claim that Obamacare was a good decision.

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