Jarrett, Mooch Not Running For Office, Radical Agenda Better Served Outside Of Govt

valerie jarrett


Mika Brzezinski asks Comrade Valerie Jarrett if it’s possible to have an impact post White House and if there’s a political future for her, having at one time been mentioned as a possible Senate candidate. Brzezinski should be familiar with the OFA subversion that Jarrett is engaged in with the Comrades Obama. It’s work that is much more targeted towards the social unrest that brings the prize of communism in league with Soros  than working as a mere Senator.

She says, “I certainly hope that we can all continue to be forces for good,” establishing the false presumption that they were forces for good at any point in their history aside from being good little Bolsheviks or good Alinskyite tools in the filthy hands of George Soros.

She says, “Your life hopefully doesn’t end, and for me the passions and the issues that I care so much about are ones that lend themselves to work whether you’re in government or outside of government, and I’m going to devote myself to them.”

She’s got that office inside the Obama fortress for the purpose of creating chaos through OFA in partnership with George Soros in the pursuit of American communism. She’s passionate about it and can be much more secretive and get away with a lot more if she isn’t handcuffed by the charade of an oath to the Constitution. Catering to the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran will be much easier in a position as a covert operative than as a Senator.

She’s trying to find that next generation of America-haters to encourage to run for office, the products of the re-education programs of the Department of Education, the lost generation to be exploited by the globalists and communist agitators. Mika cracks herself up in asking if Michael/Michelle Obama might be encouraged to run for office.

Jarrett gives her the same force for good, not interested line of garbage, but it’s probably as much to do with the fact that she’d have to answer questions about losing her law license, growing up as a man, producing a birth certificate of her own, or explaining how she had two kids without any photos of them while they were young or when she was pregnant. As a communist subversive she can avoid all of that “unnecessary drama,” encourage the next generation of radicals as Jarrett is doing, and inflict even more damage than she might be able to do as an elected official.

It’s a two edged sword for the American people. We’re on notice that these two enemies aren’t going to be running for office but also a confirmation that they plan to be stirring unrest in whatever means possible.

Come on, Attorney General Sessions, lock these treasonous subversive criminals up.

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