Japan, Poland, Hungary – Where Attacks On “Infidels” Just Don’t Happen

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Japan is unique in the modern world in many ways, one of them is the fact that they are not facing a terrorism problem, and they don’t have a situation where their culture and national identity is deliberately being diluted by an unwanted invasion of so-called Middle East refugees. They simply have a permanent ban on refugees from Muslim nations. There are no demonstrations at airports, no anti-Japan Democrats marching in their streets. They simply do what they feel is best for their nation.

As noted in WND, Japan, Poland, Slovenia and Hungary all ban the entry of Muslims and are also terrorism-free. It’s not Islamophobia, bigotry or any other made up subjective pretext. They are simply facts. By contrast, those nations which freely allow their entry are facing epidemics of lawless attacks against their largely peaceful native populations. The United Nations, EU, Democrats and globalist media who are facilitating the invasion would have us believe that this is a mere coincidence or that it is insignificant enough to not warrant the bans that are in place in Japan and those European nations, bans which are much more stringent than the travel bans President Trump declared. The facts indicate that Muslims bring with them terrorism, that the majority to some degree support terrorism and the benefits of not allowing Muslim immigration outweighs the negatives, if there are any, whatever they might be.

WND noted that in 2016, “Japan granted refugee status to only 28 people out of 10,901 applicants. In other words, 99 percent of applications were rejected. Of the few refugees that Japan has taken in, most are non-Muslims from Burma, and, even then, Japan requires them to go through an extensive, months-long training on Japanese culture.” They expect them to assimilate into their culture, to actually become Japanese. There is none of the worship of diversity hogwash in Japan.

Poland is likewise putting Poland first and is currently under attack by the European Union for their refusal to submit both to the EU dictates and the orchestrated Islamic invasion. Their Prime Minister, Beata Szydlo, is not bowing to pressure to accept a dictated “quota” from the oligarchs in Brussels. She said during a parliamentary debate, “Poland will not submit to any blackmail on the part of the European Union,” adding they would not be participating in the “madness of the Brussels elites.”

Following the Manchester bombing which killed two Polish nationals, Szydlo asked, “Where are you going, Europe? Get up off your knees. Get out of your lethargy. Otherwise you will be crying every day for your children.”

Last week the European Commission threatened Poland once again with “consequences” if it continued to refuse to take in conquering invaders from camps in Italy and Greece. The previous Polish administration had caved and was prepared to open the floodgates to their cultural destruction and insecurity when Szydło’s Law and Justice Party came to power in October 2015. Since that time Poland has not allowed the settlement of a single invader, infuriating the Brussels globalists.

This is not a short term problem with a short term solution. It’s a planned invasion with a replacement population intended to ultimately result in the elimination of the nation states, Christianity and white people. The globalists intend to create and a homogenous world population, indistinguishable in characteristics from one area to another. All will be subjects or effectively slaves of the UN world government.

WND notes that “in 2015, the EU’s Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos, discussed plans to open legal channels for the migration of a staggering 50 million migrants into Europe over the next several decades. Similar figures have previously been proposed in relation to immigration from Africa alone, with the stated goal of importing labor to make up for collapsing birth-rates across the continent.

Only days ago, a leaked German report revealed there were almost 7 million migrants ready to cross from North Africa and Turkey into Europe. Other estimates circulating put the number of those on the point of embarking on the journey in the tens of millions.”

Whatever the brand of propaganda the EU is selling, whatever the number of invaders staged and ready to advance, the reality is if any of these populations have any hope of maintaining their identity, security, and existence, closing their borders to the Islamic invasion is essential.


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3 Comments on Japan, Poland, Hungary – Where Attacks On “Infidels” Just Don’t Happen

  1. Ya gotta ask yerself: What tribe instigated the Bolshevik Revolution, manipulated the U.S. into WWI & II, and has predicted WW III as a war between Christians and Muslims? Then ask who are the people and powers behind the UN & EU push to mongrelize Europe and the U.S.? I believe you will find the answer is the same for both questions.

  2. calin stelian // May 29, 2017 at 6:08 pm // Reply

    Mr.Wells,you forgot one country that has NO terrorist incidents:Romania.
    My country,a White only country,where Muslims know that they are NOT

  3. At least there were 4 states that have their proverbial sh** together! If there IS another terrorist invasion, countries not wanting their countries invaded by a second wave of future terrorists need to militarize their borders immediately, if not sooner. It will be interesting to see what Trump does to protect America and Americans alike from these terroristic, globalistic judges that are roadblocking him in every step he makes to protect us and our country! To put into place a ban on any Muslims coming into this country is needed, at this time. We have to many right now!

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