Jackson Lee – Multiple Fronts In Coup Against Trump, Demands He Resign

sheila jackson lee

Apparently the door to the psycho ward at the Capitol was left open when they wrapped up on Friday and this creature, Sheila Jackson Lee, along with Maxine Waters and others are now roaming the DC Swamp and, with it being a holiday, have likely migrated to various streets in unsuspecting local communities around the country.

Neil Cavuto does his best to try to get a straight answer or a coherent thought out of Lee, who is the last person on this earth who should be questioning the mental health of the President or anyone else. She’s clearly not well herself, which she vividly demonstrated in the interview.

Remembering to pander first, propagandize second, Lee says a few disingenuous words about the 4th of July and pretends to actually like America, before she sets about the verbal assaults on its leader. She starts by saying she “has recognized a series of incidences really created a non-sustainable atmosphere.” An atmosphere, not high crimes and misdemeanors of the nature that Obama and Clinton got away with, is reason enough for her to try to force him out of office. Cavuto asks if she’s basing her position on a series of tweets. She says she’s basing it “on a series of actions.”

Jackson Lee then goes on to claim to explain the 25th Amendment that some of her comrades are attempting to use to force President Trump from office. She says it is utilized when a President is perceived to be incompetent or unable to do his or her job. What she fails to say is that it requires a 2/3 majority vote against the President by the full Congress to sustain it, something that is unlikely to happen with Republican majority in both bodies.

The standard is pretty high as well, although subjective, an inability to discharge his duties, with “a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide.” That’s not going to happen among the executive branch, hence the attempt by Rep Jamie “Ratskin” Raskin to put together a commission and have it crafted as a bill. That would be their separate body needed to provide the constitutional mechanisms for the conduct of the coup.

She admits that point and returns to his failure to be acceptable to the left for the rest of her rambling. Attempt to disguise it as something else as she may, that’s where she always ends back up. She makes the statement that “He is incompatible with the office and the leadership of this country.” No, madam sweat hog, he’s incompatible with your agenda and you and your party are attempting a coup by any means necessary.

Cavuto presented the interview as if he were giving her an opportunity to air her views, which he was, but he was likely doing so as a warning to the good people of this nation. An alert that this is going on, that this is the nature of the threat. This big mouthed partisan will say or do anything in support of the anti-America, anti-Trump agenda. He has multiple instances where he’s forced to talk over her and she clearly is playing the 25th Amendment angle as well as the call for resignation and the witch hunts.

If anyone had doubts the American people are at war with the globalists and that they are engaged in an “end justifies the means” coup, those doubts should now be put to rest.

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5 Comments on Jackson Lee – Multiple Fronts In Coup Against Trump, Demands He Resign

  1. I don’t understand how people of the DNC can hire such utter morons to represent them, unless they are even less intelligent than the ones they hire ? hmmmmmmmm

  2. Shirley Freeland // July 1, 2017 at 12:33 pm // Reply

    If anyone should resign it’s these three women who are lying about the President. There should be consequences for these people who spew such hateful rhetoric when they are the ones who have a past of dishonesty.

  3. Debra Prisk // July 1, 2017 at 12:07 pm // Reply

    Yawn….It will come to nothing…Trump is God’s anointed one.

  4. Did some person say Jackson Lee is all messed up cause it eats too many bananas.

  5. Two of the most worthless idiots in Congress. Maxine the mouth Waters and Shelia Jackson Lee who wouldn’t know her butt from a hole in the ground. Just more ignorant ranting DEMS working for the NWO and Soros because they would never have the brains to figure anything out by themselves.

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