JACKSON LEE Fakes Staying At Houston Shelter, Can’t Tell Super Storm SANDY From SANDY HOOK

sheila jackson lee

Rep Sheila Jackson Lee is a resident of Houston who can’t get to her home as a result of Hurricane Harvey flooding.

Unfortunately for the people at the Red Cross Shelter set up at the Houston Convention Center, she’s decided to pretend that she’s staying there. It’s too bad for the CNN Fake News anchors as well, as they’re forced to compete with the overhead loudspeakers during the interview.

It wouldn’t look right being interviewed while relaxing at her friend’s house on the couch while others are suffering. She has to at least appear to be “one of the people.” While Harvey is surely an inconvenience and possibly more to Jackson Lee, she won’t be sleeping on the floor next to the common folk. They’ve got enough problems without having to be concerned about her wandering around at night while they’re sleeping. She’ll just stick around long enough to make it look good.

It’s too bad, but making it look good was too tall of an order for Jackson Lee, who appeared to be stuck on moron and unable to stop herself from referring to Super Storm Sandy as Sandy Hook. One was a weather event and the other a gun-grabbing opportunity. Is she really that dumb or was she deliberately trying to make untrue claims about Sandy and providing herself the cover of deniability by improperly identifying the incident she was referring to?

In breaking with the Democrats safe zone tradition, CNN Fake News host Alisyn Camerota asked the Democrat about Texas being in need and how votes to provide federal relief might be impacted by the refusal of several Texas lawmakers to appropriate aid for those affected by Sandy.

Lee has made a career of overcoming her mental deficiencies through bluster, lies and nonsensical statements that throw her opposition off guard. She appears to have opted for that tactic again in this instance when she was asked about her own failure to vote on HR 152. Camerota describes that measure as “the appropriations act of 2013, that all sorts of Texas lawmakers voted against and you just did not vote. Why did you skip that one?”

An obviously perturbed Jackson Lee pauses to reset and then says, “As I said, I voted on legislation to help the Sandy Hook victims  and Sandy super storm, voted on many occasions.” She says it’s important that the money that Texans need isn’t diminished, saying, “The Sandy Hook vote took many times and my vote was for the maximum amount of money. I can account for those votes.”

Really? She can’t even get the beneficiary straight, how can she account for anything?  She continues playing politics, saying that President Trump needs to do as she says and come with a “spirit of unity” and “not shut the government down.” Don’t fight him on the border wall, Lee, it’s so simple even you could probably understand it if you were allowed to take notes. Democrats are the ones opposing border security.

Camerota attempts to clarify once again with the lame brain Congresswoman, saying, “Just so that everybody is clear, we’re talking about Super Storm Sandy, that’s what we’re talking about, in 2012 and 2013.” She asks again, whey Jackson Lee skipped the vote on HR 152 if she voted on the rest of them.

The thick headed moron continues, saying, “Well let me be clear, I voted on many votes for Sandy Hook funding. I voted on the main legislation for Sandy Hook funding. She goes on to thank Governor Crispy [sic]as she’s cut loose. There’s no cure for stupid.


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7 Comments on JACKSON LEE Fakes Staying At Houston Shelter, Can’t Tell Super Storm SANDY From SANDY HOOK

  1. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // August 31, 2017 at 8:29 pm // Reply

    She should have never been let out of the Liberal…Loony Cesspool to spread her Crap.

  2. Oh Dear God, are they all that stupid?? Could be why we can’t get anything passed in Congress. Why would “the people” vote in such a moron?

  3. One of the poster children for A.A. Once the immigration influx is complete she will be voted in as president.

  4. Just goes to show she cannot answer a straight question and is exceedingly brain damaged to boot. Typical Democrat to keep repeating the WRONG answer. Instead of saying there was too much pork in the bill she cannot remember why she did not vote. TERM LIMITS!!! The Democratic party is at it’s LOWEST in history and simply needs to die along with the ANTIFA and BLM terrorists. They have no justification nor excuse. Ask yourself why during the 8 years of Obama we never heard a word about statues and now we have Trump it is all about statues? OBFUSCATION

  5. It’s a really good question but moot. EITHER she thinks she can fool all the people all the time or she can’t tell the difference between the two events. EITHER she lacks the moral competence to do her job or she lacks the mental competence.

  6. One question that keeps repeating itself over and over with no intelligent answer in sight is”HOW IN THE NAME OF GOD DO STUPID PEOPLE LIKE LEE GET VOTED INTO OFFICE IN THE FIRST PLACE’. Lee is not the only person that falls into this category there is a whole crop of them that come from California.The only thing we can hope for is that people wise up and see thru these shysters when they are up for re-election. But the sad truth is uninformed people are going to keep electing these idiots into office.

  7. TONYA PARNELL // August 30, 2017 at 4:00 pm // Reply


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