Invasion Of Italy – Swarmed By 13,500 Illegal African Boat People In Just Two Days

italy invasion

It’s a mindless journey toward inevitable self-destruction. The EU member states, in large part, just keep voting in those European Union puppet governments, Italy, France, Germany and elsewhere. They’d better take a lot of pictures. In a short time you’ll need them to remember what their country used to look like before they helped the globalists destroy it.

The numbers are almost beyond belief. In the past two days, 13,500 African invaders have entered Italy by ship. Finally, the locals may be starting to realize that it can’t continue. It’s a reality that their governments, the one they elected still refuses to acknowledge and is definitely doing nothing to stop. Local media and politicians are finally now calling it what was clearly visible from a continent away, that there’s an invasion taking place which is exceeding the country’s capacity for assimilation.

Italy’s “welcome centers,” their EU invasion processing centers, are said to now be in a state of “collapse” under enormous waves of African “migrants.” Better weather conditions coupled with an absence of any meaningful opposition have led to a stampede from Libya to the Italian peninsula.

Current invasion figures for Italy stand at 73,380 for the year, a 14% increase over last year’s record levels. The response of the EU and Italian government is merely to attempt to find accommodations for and adopt them like the puppies that followed them home. There’s no effort directed at stemming the flow.

The illegal aliens are brought ashore from their rickety craft by NGOs, “humanitarian” organizations, the Italian Coast Guard or Italian Navy vessels. Paolo Romani, president of the Senators of Forza, Italy, complained, “The government continues to show a worrying powerlessness in the face of a situation that becomes more and more dramatic every day.” He urged Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni to “safeguard national interests, even if necessary by blocking the access to Italian ports.”

Good luck with that one, Romani, he’s lying down with the dogs Merkel and Macron and is fully infested with their fleas. Romani has also sought relief from the UN Security Council for “shared strategies to stop the departures” from Libya and a ban on NGOs whose shuttle service to Italy only serves to “aggravate the situation.”

In the House, Romani’s counterpart, Renato Brunetta of Forza, has requested the Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti block the human trafficking vessels bound for Italy and demand the EU divert them to other Mediterranean ports.

Matteo Salvini, head of Italy’s Northern League Party, put things clearly. In a tweet regarding the 8,500 Tuesday arrivals, he tweeted a rather undiplomatic, “fucking enough.” He added, “This complicit government will do nothing so it’s up to us to use every (licit) means we can #stopinvasione.”

Italy’s national anti-mafia and counter-terrorism prosecutor, Franco Roberti, sounds more like a typical all talk politician, saying the increased invasion levels pose their own set of dangers and constitute “a threat to national security.” Really, Franco, what woke you up? Did they start showing up in your neighborhood?


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8 Comments on Invasion Of Italy – Swarmed By 13,500 Illegal African Boat People In Just Two Days

  1. Thomas Oakley // June 29, 2017 at 1:09 am // Reply

    Let us see……I do believe it was italy that, during WW 2 went and hung some people on lamp poles and their name was, moose a line….or some thing like that……Maybe they should bring that back and do the same to their politicians and any EU politician they find in their country, for starters. bad enough that regular muslems came in, but now they are getting the worst from africa……These things are the scum of the earth, but here they come and are welcomed in.

  2. As we wonder everwhere: Who are the politicians allowing them entrance into all these countries, including our own? Ben says it correctly, it is the “destruction of society across the globe.” How many centuries (millenia) did it take us to become civilized?

  3. (2399) The Truth About ‘Refugees’ – YouTube paul joseph watson 5/29/17

  4. Matteo Salvini tweeted a rather undiplomatic, “fucking enough.” This is what most Americans told Hussein, the Muslim, Obama! At least your politicians are not telling your countrymen that these “refugees” are fully and tirelessly vetted before coming into your country. Our politicians told us that they tirelessly and fully vetted all of our “refugees”, here in America. No, they didn’t vet them at all. Have they invaded Sicily, yet? I always wanted to look up my Sicilian family. It appears they might be looking ME up after this invasion! Best of luck over there.

  5. I am surprised the Mafia has not been sinking the ships and boats these invaders are coming in on. Remember, the Mafia came about to protect people from the Islamic invaders of Sicily and Italy.

  6. Exporting the destruction of society across the globe. Not only do we need to have very strict immigration control, but we need to deal with what is already seeping through the country.

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